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Rebbe Efraim Milikowski
From: Rob Milikowski <robertm@xs4all.nl>
...my grandfather was Rebbe Efraim Milikowski...
translation from the origial published in Ha'moed Magazine of The
Hague, The Netherlands on the occasion of his 70th birthday in april

As you will see there are different families mentioned in the article.
These areThe KatzenellenbogensGaon R. Eliezer from SaschkowitzThe Strachuns

The Vilner Rauw Sjaloumo Hakkouheim

I looked in different libraries to find more information but did not
find anything. My grandfather also wrote his name as Efraim Levie
Milikowski. He also had strong family relations to Baranovitz..My grandfather and grandmother were murdered by the nazi's march
1943 in Sobibor.I would appreciate it ver much if you might have some additional
infomration about the families mentioned in the Ha'amoed .article. The information you send already is very worthful.If you are intereseted, I can send you a copy of the original Dutch
articleGreetings,Rob Milikowski___

From Haámoed Magazine of  The Hague, The Netherlands on the occasion of his 70th birthday

Rebbe Efraim Milikowski

Rebbe Efraim Milikowski, who is a modest man has reached theage of 70 today. To mst readers he will just be known as “the soufeir”. They wil probably be interested to learn the following particulars.Mr Milikowski was bor in Krewe (prov. Wilna). Later he has lived in Wilna. He descends from an important Talmudist family, from which the well-known family of Katzenwellenbogen also descends. He is a great grandson of thegreat Gaon R. Eliezer from Saschkowitz. Ome of the principalauthorities of the time. He is also closely related to the Strachuns, who have produced well-known commentaries on the Talmud.He has studied at the Jeshiwous in Osmana and Wilna and he has continued his studies in Iljeh Subsequently he has trained to become a soufeir in Wilna.Early in 193 he came to the Netherlands. On a special recommandation of the Vilner Rauw Sjaloumo Hakkouheim he was that same year appointed soufeir under  O.R. Berenstein z.g.. Im 1903 he was appointed  by dr T. Lewenstein at the Kasjroeth and pensioned of in 1930. He still works as a soufeir.

Rebbe Milikowski the author )signed as ll’ knows, would not his merits sung too loudly. Still, they have not been unnoticed., on the occasion of his 70th  birthday, the Upperrabinate has honoured him with the title of Chouweir.