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Yehoshua Venger (1898- 1974)

Yehoshua Venger (1898- 1974)

Baranowice, Venger
1. Yehoshua
Baranowice, Venger

2. Wife Yehudit lived to age 92.

Baranowice, Venger

3. Son Benik Shilo with wife Esterke and children.

Joshua was born in Baranovich in 1898. At the time of his birth the shtetl was part of the Russian Empire.His father, R. Zindel; was a shoemaker, a man of modest means still an air of wisdom, love of Israel and the Jewish people prevailed in the home. Joshua attended a cheder and a Yeshiva. He alsoo studied Torah at the Beit Midrash of Musar/moralists sect, the disciples of Rabbi Israel Salanter, in Novogrodok. Out of all this Joshua grew up  with a sense of leadership and involvement in public affairs and great care for humanity.
During the First World War and the German occupation, he gave a hand and took part in every public action, joint matters, the community and the Jewish labor movement. Was among the first organizers of the trade unions in the city, and was also among the founders of ZSYoung Zionists around the city and its youth.

In 1922 he moved to Palestine/Israel and over the years was able to help his entire family to immigrate to Palestina, except for his father who died too soon. In Israel he joined a group of "Achdut/unity" in Jerusalem. Was sent to agricultural training in Tira. Then came along with the "unity" the Gesher, where he met his wife to be Judith. In 1931 they arrived to Yagur with the Klosova group . his Contribution to the group's social activities and unity during those first difficult years was extensive. He was nicknamed 'Daddy' by the group
As in "achdut/ unity" and a gesher group - even here he first worked in construction and in the quarries.
In 1936 he was sent by Hechalutz to Poland, where he remained for two years and when he returned he became the secretary of the Kibbutz. Then he guided youth groups and various training in Yagur. In the following years - he worked in the coop.

In his later years he suffered badly from a grave illness. Occasionally he recovered and worked a little and bravely looked  ahead andsuffered courageously .
Joshua was a man and of the movement through and through and Totally dedicated to the cause. And when his strength failed him to and he could not contribute physically he was still  involved  and greatly cared for the country's concern, and the kibbutz movement.
In his last years he was most concern about the country and the kibbutz movement, and the wars.
Joshua was a good man. Loving and easygoing person
His son Benny Shilo