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Zvi Gedaliah Suchowolski
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Born in Bialystok, White Russia, Z. Nissan Trm"o (1886), his father Rabbi was Avraham Wolf, a yeshiva student - a smart man, philanthropist and merchant
Large grain and flour. (One of his brothers was renowned activist  Ezekiel Danin ). Studied Room Jewish Bialystok and joined his youth Chovevei - Zion, whose brother David was an activist and secretary of Rabbi Shmuel Mohilever. Devoted himself to spreading the Hebrew language among the youth, and then a course in social sciences and economics and their distribution among Jewish youth.
Immigrated to Israel August Trs"d. Learned several new seminary of "Help" in Berlin, and later went to work as a farmer in Rishon - LeZion, Petah - Tikva, Zichron Montefiore near Jaffa (now Montefiore), Ben - Oil, conjunctivitis Galilee bottom. Since Trs"o worked the streets and around the fields, vineyards, orchards; business occupation work digging wells and dug more than 30
Wells. Went abroad to study agriculture often used Lsweitz and once Russia (Odessa and Baku), but soon returned, that could not stay away for long working life in the country. War - WWI was for two years a member of the group Rat, and then went back to work the streets and continued until he sat down in the village spent proximity Zaddik.
He was active in the labor movement since its early years. Participated in the foundation of "Hapoel Hatzair" Histadrut, the movement of the seats and organizations. Was a member of the Settlement Nahalal but could not land there. Was a member of the HMO in 1921-24, follow the foundation office HMO clinics in Haifa and the new points in the Jezreel Valley Bank and road workers Afula Nazareth and Haifa - Jeddah, and the foundation of a house - the recovery of Koftholim on Mount Carmel. Was for many years a member of the General Federation, the Central Audit Committee, the Executive Committee of the movement of local council seats and streets. Was the nineteenth Zionist Congress, Lucerne 1935. Currently a member of Mapai Council - Israel, a member of the Central Committee's inquiries HMO Histadrut, member of the fund lender workers in the streets, on the jury's streets Labor Council, the fund's management of moshav movement and organizations, working part time in the bureau of workers' council in the streets. during riots Trtz"o - Trtz' Gadget Server as a guard.
Articles published dozens of Hapoel Hatzair "," country and work "," up "," furrows "in matters of settlement, community, company employees, Memoirs, etc..