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Researching families originating in Birzai:

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I am researching the BORENSTEIN family from Smelg, Lithuania, who
migrated to Michigan in the early 1900's; and the SHOCHEN (SHAW)
family from Birzh and Panyevez, Lithuania, who arrived in Ohio at the
beginning of the 20th century.
Other families included are ISROFF and KLIVANS. There is also a
TABAKIN family from Birzh, Lithuania, that is unclear.

I welcome all inquiries and gladly accept all additions and

The Briss Family;

The Briss Family, originally of northern Lithuania, is comprised of
the descendants of Yisrael and Sheine Esther Briss. It is not known
when Yisrael Briss was born, but Sheine Esther bat Menasha lived from
1829-1904. They had at least three sons and one daughter. The children
were raised in Skapiskis, and they settled in Birzai (in Yiddish:
Birzh), Vabalninkas (Vabolnik), Kvetkai (Kvetki), Skuodas (Skud), and
Ukmerge (Vilkomir).
....... 4 Tsipe Rode b: 1856 in Pasval d: Abt. 1935 in Jelgava,
.......... +Joseph Miller b: Abt. 1865 in Birzh, Kovna Gub. d: Abt.
January 1889 in Althof, Kurland, Gub.?
.......... 5 Julius Miller b: Abt. August 2, 1887 in Althof,
Kurland Gub.? d: Abt. 1971 Heb/Namsk: Zundel (mff?)
............. +Tillie Cohen b: Abt. April 16, 1889 in Svingrodha,
Russia d: Bef. 1954 in Philadelphia, PA? Heb/Namsk: Tova
............. 6 Samuel Joseph Miller b: August 2, 1917 in
Philadelphia, PA Heb/Namsk: Shmuel Yosef (S=m's father) J=ff
................ +Beverly ?
................ 7 Steven Miller b: Abt. 1955
............. 6 Leon Miller b: Aft. May 1919 in Philadelphia, PA
................ +Frances ?
................ 7 Theodore {Teddy} Miller b: Abt. 1951 in
Philadelphia, PA? Heb/Namsk: fm (Tillie Cohen Miller)
.......... 5 Sarah Miller b: Abt. December 10, 1888 in Althof,
Kurland Gub. Heb/Namsk: Sara
............. +? Lipshitz
| | --4-Freda Taurog
born: Birzh, lithuania

| | sp: Isadore Samuels

marr: Cir 1921, St Louis, MO
| | | --5-Elsie Samuels
born: 1922, St Louis, MO

| | | --5-Sylvia Samuels
born: 1929, St Louis, MO
died: 1998, Los Angeles, CA

| | --4-Chaim Yitzchak "Herman" Taurog
born: 10 Apr 1876, Bierze, Lithuania
died: 26 Mar 1963, Los Angeles, CA

| | sp: Chaya Batya "Bessie" Leibson
born: 25 Jul 1885, Yanishok, Lithuania
died: Oct 1933, Los Angeles, CA

| | | --5-Ada Taurog Taurog
born: 1905
died: 1910

| | | --5-Leonard "Julius" Taurog
born: 12 Dec 1907
died: 10 Feb 1965
The ancestral area of our Mervis families is entirely in the
north-central part of modern-day Lithuania, in what was once the Kovno
Gubernya in the 19th century. Nearly all of the 60 trees being
researched by the Group are for families that found their beginnings
in a small circular region centered on Baisogala, and about 40
kilometers in radius; the red star shows the location of Milvidai, a
shtetl proposed as a possible source of the Mirvis clan. By far, the
main center of Mirvis's was the Siauliai Uyezd (District) of Kovno
Gubernya. The districts (Uyezd's) within the Kovno Gubernya where
they started out were (in order of decreasing concentration):

Birzh (Birzai), District Capital, Lithuania
LEEMAN, S.Z. My life and philosophy, in two parts. Cape Town: The
Author, 1981. 75 p. : ports. The memoirs of Simon Zelik Leeman

Siauliai District: Baisogala, Grinkiskis, Seduva,
Siaulia, Zagare
Kovno District: Dotnuva, Grinkiskis, Krakes,
Kovno, Keidan
Panevesys Dist.: Birzh, Krakinova, Ramigola
Telshi District: Plunge
Rassein District: Kelme
Lida District: Radin