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The Story of Tzivya Patinkin


The story of Tzivya Patinkin

The old Jewish cemetery in Bransk.

The Patinkins were from Bra?sk, Poland, a small town where a Jewish merchant class flourished between the destruction brought by Napoleon's retreating army in 1812 and World War I. They operated one of a handful of Jewish-owned inns until Michael left for America, hoping to bring the family out of Poland. Separated from Michael by the war, Itzka and her children suffered mightily in the years without him - although Sabta only recounted a few harsh memories from those days in her earliest childhood. Bransk appears to be one of many places where the Jews and Poles have never made peace. And the Jewish community met its end at the Treblinka death camp in 1942, where some 90% of its 2,400 members were killed by the Nazis.
For the entire story go to; http://www.huffingtonpost.com/philip-n-cohen/the-world-that-sabta-made_b_214127.html