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My name is Stuart Katz and I recently delivered DNA samples for myself and my wife, Penny (Schatz) to FTDNA for autosomal DNA analysis under its Family Finder program, the results of which have been uploaded to GEDcom.  I am managing this genealogy project for both of us.  The big surprise was to learn out that my wife and I share a large number of cMs and are apparently related as a result of endogamy a number of generations ago.  Although we are only at the beginning of this search, the common family looks like it may be Alperowitz.  In e-mail exchanges with one of my wife’s DNA matches on the Alperowitz branch, I was made aware of your remarkable website and thought I would share with you the enclosed short book prepared by the spouse of my wife’s first cousin, Stephen Alport.  The information in it is believed to be accurate.  My wife’s (and Stephen Alport’s) great-uncle, Raphael Alperowitz, is featured in the book and also appears on your website under Dolhinov.  Feel free to incorporate the book or any of its contents onto your website.  If you wish to contact me for any reason, please feel free to reply - and if you have any suggestions as to how I could further explore my wife’s genealogy, I would sincerely appreciate your sharing them with me.


Stu Katz

The Alport Family pdf