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Dr. Alan Price

Dr. Alan Price was born in Dolhinov in 1918. From his youth he was involved with the Zionist movement and dreamed of establishing a Jewish State one day...

In 1935 Alans' father took the family to South Africa. The family lived in Johannesburg. Alan was only seventeen years old, his studies were interrupted and with no English and little money he had to go to work. He worked to put himself through a correspondence matriculation program and was accepted to Wits Medical school. Alan married Ellen in 1951 and they had four children (and eight grandchildren)
Eventually Alan mastered the English language and became an accomplished public speaker and was often called upon by organizations, friends and family members to make speeches at their important events.

He rose to leadership positions in almost every organization in which he became involved; King David School PTAs, Democratic Association of S.A, The Parapsychology Society and numerous other community organizations. He founded the Beitar flying club in the 1930s' and escorted the leader; Zev Jabotinsky's plane to Johannesburg during Jabotinsky' visit to South Africa in the early 1940s. He was a member of the Revisionist movement most of his life.

In 1948 Alan joined the Mahal fighters and volunteered to go to Israel and serve as medical officer in the Givati Brigade during the War of Independence. Amongst other missions he took part in the 'Hulikat Operation" to open the road to the Negev.

He came to Israel numerous times and volunteered to serve after the six days War and the Yom Kipur war.
He co-founded a Zionist party in South Africa to contest elections for the World Zionist Congress.
Finally he made Aliya to Israel 22 years ago at the age of 63. Alan and Ellen settled in Netanya, where Alan became the Chairman of Netanya Telfed. Alan worked at the Elisha Hospital in Haifa until 1995, he set up the first mammography unit there.

He published scientific articles in radiology and parapsychology journals. soon after he arrived in Israel he researched and published a futuristic book about Israel titled; "Israel in the year 2025; A concise history of the future"

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