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....My grandfather Zalman married Hinda rasha nee Zipilevitz who had very large family. My mother is the oldest daughter of Zalman and Hinda Rasha. They had eight children. One daughter died of illness before the war. Out of the seven others- four perished. They were killed by the Germans and their collaborators. one brother was killed a week before libaration and was taken to be burried in Dunilowitch by his brother, Shepsel who survived as a partisan. After the war Shepsel Ruderman moved to Toronto - he had two children (son is a physician) . my mothers sister (Breina ) was married before the war- her husband and child perished and after the war she married Barka friedman who lost his wife and three children. They had a daughter; Atia Immigrated to North America after the war (should be corrected) RUDERMAN Yitshka should be RUDERMAN Yithka please look again in the original list My great grandfather was Nathan RUDERMAN- he had a brother; Mendel - Mendels' son was David. David lived with his family in Glubokie. His son; RUDERMAN Yaakov (Yankale) was the only family member who survived as a partisan. Yankale RUDERMAN erected a memorial to the Glubokie Jews who perished. A few weeks ago we attended the 60 years anniversary to the liberation of Glubokie as guests of the town. Arie Yoselzon