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Jacob Gitlin
(1878- 1953)
From "Yahadut Lita" volume 3 page 140
A Zionist leader. Born in Dunilovitz in 1878, to a family of 'Talmiday Chachmim" (deeply Torah learned) and "Maskilim" (well educated in secular studies). Studied in yeshivas in Dwink and Minsk. Was deeply rooted in Jewish history and traditions. Immigrated to South Africa in 1902 and settled in Capetown. As soon as he arrived in South Africa he became involved with Zionist party in the area. Since he was blessed with energetic and enthusiastic personality he soon became a leading organizer of the newly evolved Zionist movement in South Africa and one of its founding members. He was also very involved with Jewish public institutions in Capetown, South Africa. He was a member of “Vaad Hakehila and Chesed institutions (financial aid) , the committee of delegations in the cape area, and refugees of the wars. He was especially interested in Jewish Education. He contributed greatly to the educational institutions in the area.
He was one of the most prominent personalities in the Jewish community of South Africa.
From the internet;
Jacob Gitlin
“... It is the duty and privilege of every Jew to share what he has with the newcomer”
Jacob Gitlin, a prominent Zionist leader, was a member of the Cape Committee. He was instrumental in marshalling the support of Cape Town’s Jewish community of East European origins to the cause of the refugees from Germany. In this unified approach lay the strength of the community’s response

South Africa;

One of the outstanding personalities in the Zionist movement was Jacob Gitlin.
Jacob Gitlin Library
Date founded: 1959

Albow Centre
88 Hatfield Street
Cape Town 8000