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From: Raphael and Bella Bloom <rbbl@inn.co.il>

Dear Eilat,
I saw the pictures on your site: http://www.eilatgordinlevitan.com/grodno/grodno.html and I wanted to know how I can contact Naomi Barnett about pictures 59 and 60? I am trying to find out information about Rabbi Yitzchak Reitzer who was the Rabbi of Zhetel at the time of the Holocaust and I was wondering if she was related to him.
Thank you very much,
Bella Bloom


Nissan (1899-1950) Reizer ( top right) and Ester Wolshtein (1901-1985) were my
parents. My father is pictured here with other members of the Zionist Youth movement in Grodno.
Naomi Barnett. To read about the family go to;http://www.jewishgen.org/Belarus/newsletter/GrodnoFamily.htm

My father (Nissan Reizer) had several brothers including Jehosua and Avram who
are in the photo.
Naomi Barrnett.
Leib Reizer wrote this poignant obituary for his older brother, Nissan, in the “Grodner Opklangen”, Number 16, June 1966, a Yiddish newspaper published in Argentina until 1980. It tells the unusual story of an early emigrant to the Holy Land who left later for New Zealand, seeking safety for his family in the fearful atmosphere of the Hitler-Stalin alliance.
We thank Nissan Reizer’s daughter, Naomi Barnett of Melbourne, Australia, for sharing with us her uncle’s tribute, of which she was unaware for many years. We thank also Leib’s daughter, Betty Broit, for her translation.

From: Joan Shrager <jshrager2@comcast.net>


I live in Pennsylvania, USA. My grandfather and his family were from Berdichev. He came to America in 1907. His name was originally Meyer Litvok. He was the eldest son of the town’s kosher butcher, Aaron Litvok or Litwak. The family consisted of  Yacob (Jack), Mottel (Max), Schmerel, Bassi (Bessie), and Ruchel (Rose). His mother was "Sossa Toube"?  Spektor who died at an early age when her children were very small.

Family lore has it that Rabbi Itzhak Elchanon Spektor was my grandfather's mother's father or possibly Uncle. 

I am very interested in learning if indeed we are related to Rabbi Spektor as my cousins(children and grandchildren of my grandfather's siblings) and I were told when we were little. Most of us are in our 60's and 70's now and the voices from Berdichev are only in our hearts. I am now past 75 and would love to pass this information on to my sons and grandsons. 

I'd be most appreciative if you could point me in a direction.

Joan Shrager


Rabbi Yitzhak Elchanan Spector
MyHeritage Family Trees
Esther Belkin Web Site, managed by Esther Backaleinik Esther Belkin (Contact)
1817 - Hrodna, Hrodzyenskaya Voblasts’, Belarus
Mar 6 1896 - Kovno, Lituania
Israel Isser Spektor, Rachel Spektor
Abraham Aaron Spektor, Jacob David Spektor, Yakov David Spektor, Moses Joseph Spektor
Sora Raizel Spector Yeserski
Spector Davidson
Haim Arye Aryeh Spector, Rachel Spektor Salzovsky Spector, Freda Leah Saltzer Spektor, Miriam Dvora Federman Spector, Tzvi Hirsch Spektor Spector, Binyamin Spektor Rabinowitz

I have been searching jewishgen and scoured most of the internet, but still cannot say with certainty which “Kosovski” family I come from. My family does have a Moshe (actually Moshe Aharon) that was father to Nochum (aka Nokhum, etc.). Nochum was said to be born in Schuchin, Grodno (from my research), though married in Lita (per his marriage record). He was married to Meyta Sarah Kaplan. Notably Nochum also became sick before his 20s and was given the additional name of Chaim (Nochum Chaim) and often went by Chaim after that. I know that Nochum was a brick layer when he came to the U.S., which is what lead me to believe he may have been one of Moshe (movsha) Kosovski’s children. However, the one thing I know for certain is that our family are cohanim. And I have a mesora that we were the only cohen family in our town by the name of Kosovski (actually we were told we were the “only ones in Grodno...” but Grodno is large). Yet, I saw on a notice of Movsha Kosovski’s death (1937) that it does not indicate he is a Cohen (which would be traditional). This leads me to believe he was not a Cohen, and therefore I am not related through him. I am wondering if you have any other ideas or people you may have come across with a similar background.

Noah Kay