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My grandfather's parents were Akiba (who came from Svisloch according
to their son Moisei's university records) and Olga (ne Palkin) Maizel.
My ggf was a "private attorney". I have a modern picture of the
building in which they lived in 1912, and a picture of them. According to my mother, her
father's grandfather was a rabbi or wise man (to whom people turned for
advice). According to her father, he was from a family of rabbis. I have no
firm information as to which rabbinic family this was. The story of the
Meisel who was a philanthropist in Cracow sounded familiar to her, and she
felt there was some relationship to the Meisels in Prague. Again, I have
nothing other than her recollection of stories told to her by her father,
and I have no deetails on these.
Moisei, my grandfather's older brother became a physician and resided in St.
Petersburg--he and his son perished during the Seige of Leningrad. I don't
know what happened to their two daughters. His wife's family were also
Maizel, and they had a large pharmacy in St. Petersburg. Moisei and Vera
Maizel were married in Bielsk--was there a Maizel rabbi there in 1903? My
grandfather and his younger brother emigrated to the US in 1903 and 1904
respectively. Two sisters remained in Russia--Revekka and Anuta. My
grandparents saw them in Moscow in 1932-1933. I think an older sister left
Russia much earlier and I have no information on her.
My great-grandparents apparently moved to St. Petersburg sometime after
1912, and died there ca 1914-1916. So, my family had pretty much left Grodno
before the revolution.
The street is Sobornaya Ulitsa in Grodno, and the courtyard scene is entered
through the passageway under the balcony, left of center. My ggp's apartment
was on the 2nd floor of the building to the right that has a balcony (I
think that was their apartment). According to a rental document, it "had no
heat"--which probably means they heated it with a stove, rather than central
heating. The picture on your Maisel page to which I referred was
#masl-6:a.Chana Maisel of Grodno. My grandfather had a sister Anuta and I had wondered if
Chana could've been called Anuta by her family and friends.
Best wishes,
Olga Parker

The origin of the Kosowski (also spelled as: Kosowsky, Kosovsky)
family in the Grodno district is unknown at present. The first
identified ancestor of our family is Israel-Chazkel Kosowski who was
born around 1825 and had lived in Kamenka/Kamionka, located 19.9
kilometers NE of Lunna. Israel and his wife (Malka?) had three sons
born in Kamionka: Moshe (b. 1847), Mordechai (b. 1851) and Aaron (b.
1853). Sometime between 1865 and 1875 Israel's three sons moved to
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picture. I'll write more later,

I am searching family relatives of a person whose family name is
POLLACK/POLAK/POLIK (his first name is unknown). He was born between
1910 and 1912 in Grodno (now in Belarus), attended "Tarbut" Jewish
High-School in Grodno and graduated in 1930. I have recently been told
that sometime in the 1930s he settled in South-Africa where he had
family relatives.
I would be grateful for any assistance in locating any members of the
Pollack family.

Best regards,
Ruth Marcus