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Mr. Zajczyk, a lumber merchant, reading a copy of the Yiddish
newspaper "Moment"- c 1930


The mother of Leon Arkin of the Chicago bureau of the "Jewish Daily
Forward," poses at the gravestone of her husband in Grodno c 1930.


Two brothers: Shmuel and Shaul Ashkin (one in a school uniform and
othe other in a sailor suit). 1932


Shmilik Yezierski on a rocking-horse. 1934


Khayele Aleksandrowicz and an unidentified companion riding in the
open in winter.c 1930


Mrs. Menaker, the butcher's wife (seated), with two unidentified
women on a porch.


Rabbi Nokhum, known as "the Saint of Grodno"


Joseph Pasmanik, the painter, posing with some of his works. 1925


Salomon Szereszewski, who married Stefania Wilder of Warsaw, a
member of the family of Jozef Szereszewski, the owner of Szereszewski
Tobacco Factory. 1888


A Jewish soldier in the uniform of the tsarist army ( pre 1917)


Members of Ze'irei Zion : (right to left) Rivkind, Betsalel
Sheskin, Zalmen Toker, Label Bazeltshik and Chaim Sheskin (Hyman
Sheskin) 1925


(Yiddish caption) "...Yisroel Fridman, who has turned to TOZ in
Grodne for shoes, linen and clothing. [He] attends a Jewish school and
is fed every day by TOZ. Unfortunately, he is not the only one. Every
day the numbers grow..."


Avigdor Leizerovich
Born in 1917 in Grodno, he was from childhood a member of "Beitar" and
at the age of 18 was already a commander of the Grodno detachment of
the Warsaw's "Beitar". He participated in the training of "Beitar"
members. He was arrested in 1949, charged with writing letters to his
friends in Israel, in which he expressed his desire to join them, and
with participation in illegal organizations of Zionist youth. He was
sentenced to 7.5 years in prison. After his release he continued to
fight for the right to leave the USSR and, in 1972, he finally joined
his friends in Israel.


The Gelmans from the Grodno area. Picture taken in Jerusalem 1895.


Moshe Yehoshua Yehuda Leib Diskin
Dec 8 1818 -- Grodno
Jan 23 1898 (Age: 79) -- Jerusalem, Israel


Esther Weller
1870 -- Grodno



The Shtern family


The Shtern family



the Toporosky(sp) family and their descendants. They had lived in
Paris in the 1930's and supposedly later moved to Israel. The
matriarch's maiden name was Orzechovsky and she was from Zhetel
(Zdzeciol or Dyatlovo) in Grodno Gubernia


Tsvi Haizel Mochkovsky with familly



Ester Korsunsky, Moshe Aaharon Mochkovsky, Mordechay Hillel Mario Mochcovsky (Moczkowski),Genia Rabinovitch, Nechamka Koren


Benjamin Efron was murdered in the holocaust



Harry (Aron) Halpern ( born in Grodno in 1905) and wife Sara (née Lutsky).