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To Leyzer Rogovin's Memory
Written by Yafa Abramovitsh (Sheyna Lidski from Horodok)
Translated by M. Porat
I recall
Leyzer Rogovin
The rebellious hero
The Partisan from Volozhyn
Gun in hand
I've seen you in the woods
Your blond forelock flashing in the wind,
Young and alert,
To the brutal battle.
Your words: “Revenge! Vengeance!
For our holy martyrs,
For Volozhyn,
For my burnt Jewish home”
“Deep in my body and soul
Is an open ugly wound
But my injuries will heal
When on the battlefield
I will fight, win, and fall.”
Camp Krasno you fled,
With enemy weapons abounding,
At the darkness of night
Deep into the forest you ran.
Many times I have seen you
On guard,
You told me
With a smile on the face:
“Today, rails will blow up”
To the bandits it will be shown
They must die and see
Their own mortality
Through their blind eyes!
Yes, you have gone
On your fighting battle way
With the Horodok hero Partisans
Nazi trains to blow away.
Returned back into the woods
Happy and joyful
The command was fulfilled
Efficiently, clean, and fast.
I'll remember forever
Your winner's mood,
Your young and smiling face.
After the war we met again,
In the Austrian Alps
You had a sermon
Revealing a victory saga.
You joined the Betar rank
To lead to your land
To preserve there
The remnants left after Hitler's hell
Breathing, suffering souls,
You transformed your battle
Versus the closing gates
You, Leyser the Partisan
You could not
Let go of your gun
Our triumph you did not see
That victory you so sought to experience
You fell in battle
Hero among heroes
Your death in the combat
Was for the liberty,
Of our own land.