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Raphael Lizky/ Lidsky ( 1913- 1996)
Raphael Lizky was born in Horodok in 1913 to Yosef of Lida and Dvora
nee Gurevitz of Horodok.
Yosef was a graduate of the Volozhin Yeshiva and his son Raphael
received a good Religious and Zionist education. Raphael was one of
the founders of Tarbut school in Horodok and all his children attended
Tarbut school. Raphael and his brothers were all very involved in
Beitar Youth movement.
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In 1933 Raphel and his father Yosef traveled to Vilna to hear a speech
by Zabotinski.
The speech was about the doom of the Jews in the Diaspora. Raphael
decided to make Aliyah to Israel.

When Raphael first arrived to the Land of Israel he got in touch with
his cousin Avraham Even Shoshan. Avraham had him enrolled in higher
studies. Raphel eventually left his studies wanting to join the
defence forces and protect his Jewish brothers.

in 1936 he guarded Jewish farmers in the Herzelia area. In 1937 he
became a "Noter" ( a special police to protect Jews) and guarded
religius places in Jerusalem and other areas.

At the same time he was a member of the underground "Etzel" ( from
1937- 1948)
and he moved with his wife Chana ( nee Goldberg, born in Zefat in
1925) to Tel Aviv so Menachem Begin could hide in their home (between
1946- to 1948 )
After 1948 he work as a police officer in Jafa and ended his service
to the Police in 1971 as the head of the police in Gaza.
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