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By Moe Baskind
...Our family came from .... a village called Ilya. If you can find a large map of Russia or Poland you might spot it. I once saw it on a map, but I don't recall what book. It is somewhat south (east) of the larger city of Vilna.
My father, born about 1861 was the second oldest of a family of six boys and one girl. The oldest was Chai Mendel, although in my cousin Joseph Baskind's book he calls him Menachim Mendel. Next was my father, Avrum Pesach, then David "Cooperstock," followed by Hirschl, Itche, Rivka (who married Arian) and Shmeul. In Russia the eldest son was exempt from army duty so somehow David was made the eldest son of a Cooperstock family (a few survivors came after the war- see pictures of thr *). They were the only family that never came over, although some of the children came here, and some landed in Israel.......
Picture of the Cooperstock taken before the war
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