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Looking for relatives of WILENSKI or WILENSKY ( changed to WILSON in the U.S) originating in
I am seeking any further information on Moses EPSTEIN (born ca 1875), my
great great uncle. I had not known about him until searching through a 1904
Hudson, NY directory. In 1904 he was living at the same address as my gg
parents who had, themselves, settled in Hudson about 1898. Moses EPSTEIN was
my ggm Hoda EPSTEIN WILSONs (1865-1930) brother. After locating him in
the directory, I also found him on an Ellis Island manifest (Albano
22 Dec 1903) showing that he was going to Hudson to be with his brother-in
-law Saul WILSON. After 1904, the WILSONs (except for my grandfather, Joe
who appears in the 1906 directory boarding with another family) were no
longer in Hudson. They moved to NYC and appear in the 1910 Census in Manhatten
and in the 1920 and 1930 censuses in the Bronx. Moses also does not appear
in any subsequent Hudson directory. However, I have not been able to find
him in any other records.

The WILSONs arrived in the United States from Kasan (Kozyany, Belarus) and
changed their name from WILENSKI or WILENSKY. Saul and Hoda had four children:
Nina, Joseph, Benjamin, and Esther. Esther, was born in Hudson, NY.

Moses EPSTEINs manifest indicates that his last residence was Babrusyk
(now in Belarus, SE of Minsk).

According to my ggm's death certificate, her parent's names
were Israel EPSTEIN and Sarah COHEN. I have ordered several marriage
certificates for likely Moses EPSTEINs, searched Mt. Lebanon Cemetery indices
for EPSTEINs and ordered death certificates. I am waiting on Mt. Lebanon to
reset my ggm's toppled headstone so I can see if Israel EPSTEIN had a
second Hebrew name. I have looked through several NYC directories and
WWI & WWII draft registrations for a Moses Epstein who can be linked to my
ggm. I have done some checks (though not complete) on Moses EPSTEINs in other
locations. I understand that Moses may have changed his name (Max? Morris?
Murray?), but EPSTEIN is way too common to check out all the possibilities

If any of you have a Moses EPSTEIN from Belarus in your tree, please let meknow and we can compare notes.

Emily Garber