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kov-p-#6:Born in Kovno, Lithuania, Lea Goldberg studied at Lithuanian and German universities, receiving her Ph.D. in 1933. She made aliyah in 1935 where she worked as a literary adviser to Habimah theater and as an editor for Sifriyat Poalim books. She became a lecturer in literature at the Hebrew University in 1954.
Her poems are known for their melancholy subjects with positive messages. Her themes include wounded love as well as a yearning for love and light. Her work is marked by an aesthetic intellectualism bordering on modernism. In addition to her poems, she wrote poems for children, a novel, a play and was responsible for translating a number of Russian and French masters into Hebrew.
kov-p-#10:Studio portrait of Dr. Lehman, the first director and founder of the [Jewish] Children's Home" 1925.
kov-p-#11:Studio portrait of the Smulevitz family. turn of the century
kov-p-#12:Outdoor portrait of Itsik Popel. 1938
kov-p-#13:Outdoor portrait of Itsik (Itsinke) and Raya (Raykele) Popel with fallen leaves. 1935
kov-p-#14:Portrait of the Popel family on the bank of a river: Yitskhok and Rivke with their two sons Ezra (right) and Itsik (left). 1935.

kov-p-#15:Aron Popel returned to Kovno after the war and found out that his
wife and children (see previous pictures) perished. In 1946 he married
Leah, standing next to her husband; Aharon, daughter; Riva (named
after Aron first wife) and Daniel (Kovno, 1964)

kov-p-#16:Portrait of actor Herz Grossbard.1930s
kov-p-#17:Studio portrait of Dovid and Yeshaye Goleb with their younger sister Elke. The whole family was killed in Lithuania in 1941.1922
kov-p-#18:Studio portrait of one of the Goleb brothers. 1923
kov-p-#19:Studio portrait of Berl Hokhnberg and his wife from Kaunas. Both were killed in the Holocaust. 1920s
kov-p-#20:Beyle and Sore Fishkin from Kaunas. 1928.
kov-p-#21:Portrait of the editorial board of the "Folksblat" [People's Newspaper] with visitors Daniel Charney and Shmuel Niger (seated, 3rd and 5th from r). (Standing, center) Editor Dr. Mendel Sudarski; (Seated below him) his wife, Alte. (Others identified.) 1931.
kov-p-#22:Portrait of the membership committee of the Jewish Historical Ethnographic Society: (standing, l-r) Livshin, Lidski, Feldshteyn, Sudarski, Yonsevits, Mogilyoker; (seated, l-r) Blusher, Rabbi Rozenson, Lapin, Dr. and Mrs. Shvarts, Khurunzhitski, Sudarsky. 1935.
kov-p-#23:A portrait of "high officials in the Ministry of Jewish Affairs in Lithuania" (in Yiddish): (sitting, l-r) L. Garfinkel, Yafo, Nosn Faynberg, Shloymeh Rosenblum, Prof. Belyatskin; (standing l-r) Makovsky, Yikhezkl Faynberg, L. Shapiro, Moysheh Shvabeh.
kov-p-#24:Portrait of members of the Resnik family. Top: Chana. Center: the parents Ida and Avraham, Freida. Front row: Alexander, his son and daughter, David. Note: center, top, may be Alexander's wife) 1928.
kov-p-#25:Studio portrait of three of the Resnik sisters of Oran: Chana, Freida and Esther. 1925
kov-p-#26:Portrait of Gaon Rav Yitschok Elchonon Spektor, a religious leader for Russian Jewry.
kov-p-#27:Portrait of Dine Halpern, in a feathered boa and a hat. actress.1937
kov-p-#28:Dovid Hartkov, 108 years old.1923
kov-p-#29:Studio portrait of Avrom Zalmen Dondes. 1923.
kov-p-#30:Rabbi Zvi Hirsh Levitan of the Musar Movement,
Zvi Hirsh Levitan was born in Kovno in 1840 and died in Jerusalem in 1915.
He established a Yeshiva in Slobodka (Or Hachaim Yeshiva in Slabodka
in 1863)
kov-p-#31:Rabbi Gershon son of Shalom Gutman born in Jidik 1872 died in Kovno 1940
kov-p-#32:Born in Kovno, Lithuania in 1870, Rabbi Tobias Geffen received his smicha from Rabbi Tzvi Rabinowitz of Kovno and from Rabbi Moshe Danishevsky of the Slobodka Yeshiva. With his wife, Sara Hene Rabinowitz and two children, he immigrated to the United States in 1903.
After four years in New York, he moved to Canton, Ohio, where he served as Rabbi from 1907-1910. In 1910, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he served as Rabbi of Shearith Israel Synagogue, where he remained until his death at the age of 99 in 1970. Rabbi Geffen was far more than merely the Rabbi of a synagogue in Atlanta, Deeply concerned with religious, educational and practical matters and imbued with great learning, personal piety, human warmth and compassion, practical administrative ability and above all, a deep and sincere love of the Jewish People and the Land of israel, he became leader of the traditional Jewish community of Atlanta. He was acknowledged as the dean of the Orthodox rabbis of the southern United States and the spiritual leader of that vast area. Rabbi Geffen's influence was also spread through his family of 8 children and 17 grand- children whom he taught formally and informally, for whom he was an inspiration and a role-model. Biographical information was submitted by Dr. Joel Ziff (Grandson of Rabbi Geffen).

Pesha Fruma ('Fannie') Rasnick (1872-1949), born in Kovno, Russia. Photograph taken in New York, New York. In 1898, Pesha married Barnett Fine (1871-1962).
born in Kovno, Russia. Emigrated to America in 1886. Photograph taken in NY,NY. Barnett was the grandson of Barnett and Mina Feinstein.

AncientFaces Family Photo

kov-p-#34:Ben Shahn

born: Kaunas, Russia [now Lithuania]; 12 September 1898
died: New York, NY, US; 14 March 1969

East12th Street
for other paintings by Ben Shahn go to www.tigtail.org/.../ n-american-a3.html
kov-p-#38:Isaac Byer
kov-p-#39:Julius Byer and siblings
kov-p-#40: Bessie and Julius Byer with sons David and Isaac
from the album of Russell Byer


Portrait of Rivke (r) and Meyer Leybele Zeltser: Meyerel and his mother were saved in Russia. Rivkele and her father were killed on the way 1930s


Leah Popel with her daughter, Riva and Rivas' son; Solomon (Kovno,


Aron Popel, Kovno 1980
(Aron, son of Ezra Popel and ? neeTomback was born in Kovno in 1901
he died in 1983)


Dr. Lova Gerstein ( son of Greshon and Miriam) was born in Vilna in
1891 and wife; Maracia ( daughter of Phillip Blumenthal) Gerstein.
Both perished in the holocaust. Lova died in 1944 in camp in Germany.
Maracia died in Stutthof. Daughter; Perela died in 1945 in Stutthof,
Danzig at the age of 16.

Picture given by Michael Good


Lova Gershtein, Vilna 1912 ; son of Gershon Gerstein and Mera Meres was born in 1893. He was a physician in Kovno.He perished in  concentration camp 1945


Lyova Klaczko, killed during the battle of Stalingrad in the Soviet army


Shmuel Klaczko, murdered in Ponary 1941.


My mother Lija Klaczko (Kliatschko in the ghetto census of 1942), born May 22, 1917, St. Petersburg, died New York City February 7, 1999
-Lev Raphael



Dr. Nachum and Dr. Ada Yeta Levitan



1930 the wedding of Pesah and Wihna ( Vera nee Kaplan) Popel in Kovno Credit; Mina Pilo from Tel-Aviv -her mother was the sister of the bride and Daniel Popel who found Mina in 2005. His father was the brother of the groom. Mina was born in 1925 in Palestine. She attended the wedding in Kovno with her mother. They arrived to late to be included in the picture. The Boy in a sailosuit on the right- Fetka Grinshpan (Greenshpan);brother-Moishe (Moses); young girl-?; the young woman-Tzila (Cila) Grinshpan (maiden name Kaplan); the man between two women-Jehoshua or Joshua Kaplan; women-?; the man-brother of the bride-name it is not known; brother of bride Yerahmiel (a name inexact);

Sitting :
groom-Pesah Popel and the bride-Vihna (Vera) Kaplan; to the right of the groom; my daddy Aron (Aharon) Popel; his wife Rivka Popel (nee Tomback) with son Ezra; to the left of the bride the man in glasses-her brother Alter Kaplan (a name inexact)




1937 Kovno; Pesah and Vihna (Vera) Popel with daughter Raya
(Raykele) and oldest son Itzhak (?)


1937 Kovno; Pesah and Vihna (Vera) Popel with daughter Raya
(Raykele) and oldest son Itzhak (?) all but Pesach perished in Kovno.


Musicians in the Kovno ghetto



Dr. Ytzhak Levitan was born in Shavli in 1881. He studied Medicine in Berlin and settled in Kovno. He was sent with his wife to Siberia (by the Soviets) for Zionist activities. in 1947 he returned to Lithuania he was sent again to Siberia and died in the 1950s. His son,  Dr Moshe Levitan, perished with his wife in Kovno in 1944.

kov-p-#63: Dov Levin gave this photograph to his girlfriend, Rifkale (Rose Kurland), as a keepsake before leaving the Kovno ghetto to join partisans in the Rudninkai Forest. Rifkale hid the photograph in the sole of her shoe and kept it with her through her deportation from the ghetto and incarceration in the Stutthof concentration camp. Dov and Rifkale were reunited in 1984 when she returned the photo to him.


Shlomo Choronzshitski was born in Siauliai in 1877 to Yisrael, a textile salesman. After he graduated from the Russian high school in Shavle, he attended law school in St. Petersburg. A became a well known lawyer and involved in Jewish education and social and political movements ( Zionist). In 1921 he returned to Siauliai and together with his brother, ran the leather factory. In 1928 he moved to Kovno and worked as a lawyer as well as a member of the city council. He wrote a book about last names in Eretz Yisrael. He passed away in Kovno in 1938.


Approximately 10,000 children and youth below the age of 20 moved into the Kovno ghetto in August, 1941. Within a few months almost half of them (4,400) had perished in the "Great Action" of October 28, 1941. After the Germans issued a decree in July 1942 making pregnancy illegal and punishable by death, few children were born in the ghetto. During the fall of 1941 the community organized schools for children, but on August 25, 1942 educational instruction was formally banned. Limited elementary education continued clandestinely in private homes, and German authorities permitted the continuation of vocational schools for teenagers. In these schools Hebrew and Jewish history were taught in addition to crafts. Most children, however, did not go to school. They worked either in labor brigades or at home caring for younger siblings and keeping house. Originally, only children 16 and above were conscripted for slave labor. However, during the last year of the ghetto, all able-bodied teenagers over the age of 12 were registered for work. Those too young for forced labor often sold their services in order to bring in extra food for their families. These illegal workers were called "malokhim" or angels. In November 1943 fear for the safety of the remaining children in the ghetto mounted after word was received of a special "Children's Action" that had taken place in the nearby ghetto of Shavli (Siauliai). For the first time parents actively sought hiding places for their children outside the ghetto. The Kovno ghetto "Children's Action" took place on March 27-28, 1944. During the two-day action German troops and Ukrainian auxiliaries went from house to house and rounded-up the ghetto's remaining children who were below the age of 12. The 1300 victims of the "Children's Action" were either shot at the Ninth Fort or deported to Auschwitz, where they were gassed.

Date: Feb 1944
Locale: Kaunas, Lithuania
Photographer: George Kadish/Zvi Kadushin
Credit: USHMM, courtesy of Shraga Wainer


Left to right: Raya Gonen, her father Yerschmiel Siniuk, Henry Kacenelenbogen (now Kellen) and Mrs. Siniuk. The two men survived the Kovno ghetto by escaping and hiding with the Urbanas family.

Courtesy of Raya Gonen


Ona Urbonas with the man she helped rescue during the holocaust, Yerschmiel Siniuk, Ona's brother Jouzas Urbonas and her husband Bronius.

kov-p-#68: The Levinas brothers;Emmanuel, Aminadav and Boris


Zeev Morshzik, a holocaust survivor from Kovno



Abelman Liba
Liba Abelman nee Frucht was born in Wilkomir in 1890 to Mordchel and Soulia. She was a nurse and married to Chaim. Prior to WWII she lived in Kovno, Lithuania. During the war she was in Kovno, Lithuania. Liba perished in the Shoah. This information is based on a Page of Testimony (displayed on left) submitted on 20-Sep-1998 by her niece


Eliezer Simcha Rabinowich
1839 -- Kovno
1911 (Age: 71-72) -- Lomza


Yeshayau Shrayer was born in 1903
Attended the Hebrew Gimnasia in Kovno came to Eretz Israel in 1923
for details; http://www.netanya-moreshet.org.il/show_item.asp?levelId=44133&itemId=7086&itemType=6000



Shwartz/Katz Mina was born in Rakishok in 1925 and moved to Kovno in 1938.
She is a holocaust survivor. Ead about her at; http://www.yad.org.il/rehovot/show_item.asp?levelId=43093&itemId=103648&itemType=3001



Sara Elkes


Stupel, a famous violinist in the ghetto.



Kovno, Lithuania, 1942,
Chalets and her son in the ghetto. They survived and came to Israel.
Belongs to collection:Yad Vashem Photo Archive
Origin:Dr. Arad


Simon Graz



Toibe Macht ( 1899- 1969) with husband Jacob and daughter Fania
(Feige) Kretchmer


Yaacov (Ekel) Macht
(1895 - 1982)
Son of Shraga (Faivel) Macht and Leah Macht
Husband of Toibe Macht
Father of Fania (Feige) Kretchmer



Isaac Macht (1885 - 1957)


Leah Macht (born in 1860 to Gitla and Moishe Girszon, perished
during the holocaust in Kovno in 1941)




Shraga Faivel Macht (born in 1860 to Yankel and Sore Yenta Macht)
with wife: Leah Macht (born in 1860 to Gitla and Moishe Girszon,
perished in 1941)
They were the parents of Itzchak (Isaak) Macht; Gutman Macht;
Alexander- Zisel (dida) Macht and Yaacov (Ekel) Macht


Alexander Macht (born in 1892 to Leah and Shraga passed away in
1972) Husband of Esther Macht
Father of Israel (Izia) Macht; Sara (Lala) Pachter; Rivka (Riva)
Mulor; Jacob (Yasha) Macht; and Rivka (Riva) Mul

Kaunas, Kovno


David Rosovsky


Fruma Gawronsky was born in Klikoli, Lithuania in 1908 to Josef and
Lea. She was a student and single. Prior to WWII she lived in Kaunas,
Lithuania. Fruma was murdered/perished in 1941 in Kaunas, Lithuania.
This information is based on a Page of Testimony  submitted by her
cousin, a Shoah survivor.

Kaunas, Kovno
Kaunas, Kovno


Eva Gawronsky nee Schmidt was born in New York, United States in 1900.
She was a bookeeper and married to Hirsch. Prior to WWII she lived in
Kaunas, Lithuania. During the war she was in Kaunas, Lithuania. Eva
was murdered/perished in Fort 9, Murder Site at the age of 43. This
information is based on a Page of Testimony  submitted by her cousin,
a Shoah survivor.


Fruma Gawronsky was born in Klikoli, Lithuania in 1908 to Josef and
Lea. She was a student and single. Prior to WWII she lived in Kaunas,
Lithuania. Fruma was murdered/perished in 1941 in Kaunas, Lithuania.
This information is based on a Page of Testimony  submitted by her
cousin, a Shoah survivor.

Kaunas, Kovno


Mery Singer was born to Leib and Chasja c1914. She was a merchant and
single. Prior to WWII she lived in Akmene, Lithuania.Mery perished in


Moshe Margolin was born in Dolhinow, Poland in 1898 to Pesakh and Mikhla. He was married to Roza nee Ziv. Prior to WWII he lived in Kaunas, Lithuania. During the war he was in Kaunas, Ghetto. Moshe was murdered/perished in 1945 in Dachau, Camp. This information is based on a Page of Testimony by his wife




Divon lan Wrote; from jewishgen.org: conscription to the army: photo from 1910, says "Yochonon son of Abram Krechmer"
Birth:1889 Vilna
Death: July 14, 1944 (age 55)
Kaunas, Lithuania (Murdered on the day of the Nazis killed the last Jews in the ghetto as the Red army was liberating the Kovo area.


Shlomo (Simon) Shoham (Shogun)
Born in 1924 in Kaunas, Lithuania, he was an active member of the sports youth movement «Young Makkabist» in his home city. After WWII he became an activist in an underground students’ organization and gathered around him a group of youth intending to go to Eretz Israel. Arrested in 1947 on charges of the Zionist activity and attempting to flee the Soviet Union, he was sentenced by OSO to 7 years imprisonment in the Gulag plus 12 years in exile. Released ahead of schedule in 1964, he was still not granted a visa till 1971 when he managed to get to Israel.



Lev Tomerman
Born in 1898 in Lithuania, and became a professor of physics and mathematics. In 1947 was arrested on charges of anti-Soviet activity, when he expressed his desire to leave the Soviet Union for Eretz Israel. He was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment. His sentence was served in the infamous Vladimir Central prison. Released in 1954, he went to Israel in 1972. He died in 1986.


Musia Saliten
Born on Dec. 25th, 1923 in Kaunas, Lithuania, she became an active member of «HaShomer HaTzair». In 1947, in attempting to cross the border between the Soviet Union and Poland en route to Eretz Israel, she was arrested and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment in the Gulag plus 2 years in exile. Released from camp in 1952, she suffered for her cause for another 29 year before being allowed to go to Israel, together with her husband, also a Prisoner of Zion. She died in 1993.



Zalman Saliten
Born by on February 28, 1919, in Kaunas, Lithuania, he became an active member of “HaShomer HaTzair” from an early age and, before WWII, was occupied in Zionist propaganda among Jewish youth. In 1947 he was caught attempting to cross the Polish border en route to Eretz Israel and was arrested and sentenced to 5 years in the Gulag plus 2 years in exile. His sentence was served in a camp near Arkhangelsk. Released from the camp in 1952, he still had to fight for a visa until 1972, when he went to Israel together with his wife, also a Prisoner of Zion. He died in 1994.


Shmuel Kantor
Born on Dec. 25-th, 1923, in Kaunas, Lithuania, he was an active member of the organization «Zionist Youth» in this city from an early age and up to the beginning of WWII. Mobilized into the Red Army at the beginning of the war, he continued his activities underground, helping with the illegal crossing of the Polish border and aliyah to Eretz Israel. Arrested in 1947 by the organs of MGB (predecessor of KGB) on the charges of subversive Zionist activities, he was sentenced by OSO (a special MGB board) to 8 years hard labour plus 2 years in exile. His sentence was served in Gorlag, near Norilsk. Released in 1957 he was free to leave for Israel in the same year.



Ben-Zion Kapit
Born on November 4th, 1918, in Kaunas, Lithuania, he was a member of «HaShomer HaTzair» till 1934. When studying at the university from 1935 till 1941 he was an activist in the "Beitar" movement, engaged in Zionist propaganda in Jewish youth circles. In 1947 he tried to cross the border with Poland but was arrested by the MGB organs and sentenced by OSO to 8 years of imprisonment in the Gulag. His sentence was served in Salekhard and in Tyumen. Released in 1951, he still had a 20 year wait for permission to go to Israel which he reached in 1971.


Itzhak Laskin
Born in 1924 in Kaunas, Lithuania, he became a member of “HaMaapilim" («Daredevils ascending to Zion») at an early age. During WWII he was sent to Dachau from the ghetto in Kaunas. In 1947 he was arrested by the MGB in Berlin on the charge of subversive Zionist activity and connections with the Jewish Agency (HaSokhnut HaYehudit), whose goal was the encouragement and financing help in smuggling Jews to Eretz Israel. He was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in the Gulag. Released in 1955, after 8.5 years of imprisonment, he got permission to go to Israel in 1961.



Yehezkel SHAPIRO
born 1875 Kovno passed away in Israel.


Sheina Kobrovski nee Konevski was born in Kovno, Lithuania. She was married to Aharon. Prior to WWII she lived in Kovno, Lithuania. During the war she was in Marcinkance, Poland.

Sheina was murdered in the Shoah.

This information is based on a Page of Testimony submitted by her sister-in-law, Batia Kobrovski Berezovski



Dr. Berl Strasburg
October 7, 1887 
December 15, 1944 
Kaufering, (murdered by the Nazis)
Immediate Family:
Son of Yisrael Hirsh Strassburg and Chana nee Kamber 
Husband of Maria Strasburg 
Father of Jacob Strassburg and Shoshana Strassburg 
Brother of Meyer Leib Strassburg; Marusia Miriam Miller; Rosa Olimperel; Michael Strassburg; Sonia NAIMAN; and Bassia Abramovitch


Rafael Ackermann

Rafael Ackermann was born in Daugavpils/ Dvinsk, Latvia in 1894 to David and Hinda nee Schierling. He was a journalist and married to Sheina. Prior to WWII he lived in Aniksht, Lithuania. During the war he was in Kowno, Lithuania.

Rafael was murdered in the Shoah.

This information is based on a Page of Testimony submitted by his daughter, Hinda Kachanovski Akerman



Sheina Ackermann nee Graber was born in Aniksht, Lithuania in 1896 to Velve and Frida. She was a housewife and married to Rafael. Prior to WWII she lived in Aniksht, Lithuania. During the war she was in Kowno, Lithuania.

Sheina was murdered in the Shoah.

This information is based on a Page of Testimony  submitted by her daughter, Hinda Kachanovski Akerman


Beila Yafeh nee Silman (1891- 1961)



Eliezer Sheinson was born in Anykst, Lithuania in 1876 to Yisrael and Tehila. He was married to Khaia nee Rik. Prior to WWII he lived in Kowna, Lithuania. During the war he was in Kowna, Lithuania.

Eliezer was murdered in the Shoah.

This information is based on a Page of Testimony ) submitted by his son, Beniamin Shinzon



Roza Berezner Brezner nee Zaltzberg was born in Kaunas, Lithuania in 1897 to Meir and Zelda. She was a pharmacist and married to Mordekhai. Prior to WWII she lived in Kvedarnai, Lithuania. During the war she was in Kvedarnai, Lithuania.

Roza was murdered in the Shoah.

This information is based on a Page of Testimonysubmitted by her daughter, Ora Khaim Marum Brezner


Tania Ulman nee Dorfan was born in 1903 to Mendel and Miriam. She was married to Berl. Prior to WWII she lived in Kovno, Lithuania.

Tania was murdered in the Shoah.

This information is based on a Page of Testimony (displayed here) submitted by her niece, Ester Shteiman Berlin



Malka daughter of Berel Leib Kalish and Gutman (Tuvia) Virovich pose with their granddaughter Alice, while waiting for her parents to join them for Shabbat.

Photograph | Photograph Number: 97644


Yitzhakale Kafkafi Sukshteliski

October 04, 1911
Kaunas,, Lithuania
May 12, 1998  



Chaviva Ka
fkafi Musicant

Libka (Chaviva) Musicant 
(born Shuksteliski (Kafkafi))
1904 - Kovno, Lithuania
1996 - Maagan Michael, Israel
Shmuel Shuksteliski (Kafkafi), Perl
(Pnina) Lea Shuksteliski (Kafkafi)
(born Kidneski)
Yosef Shuksteleski (Achai),
 Moshe Shuksteliski (Kafkafi),
Baruch Shuksteliski (Kafkafi),
David Shuksteliski (Kafkafi),
Yitzhak Shuksteliski (Kafkafi)
, Shalom Shuksteliski (Kafkafi),
 Yerucham Shuksteliski (Kafkafi)
Eliyaho Musicant
Ylgal Musicant, Yafa Even-tov
(born Musicant), Uriel Musicant,
Rivka Musicant Zorea,  Peleg Amerilo


The mother Pnina Kafkafi with sons Yerucham on her left and Yosef on her right.
Standing from left ; sons Shalom Yitzhak and Moshe.



Yosef Achai (Kafkafi) Born in Kovno in 1898 passed away in Kibbutz Nezer Sireni in 1988


Moshe Kafkafi was born in Kovno in 1900. He passed away in Tel Aviv in 1985



Moshe Kafkafi and his wife Shoshana (Melman)


Shmuel Sukshteliski   Kafkafi
Was a teacher in the Hebrew Gimnasia (Highschool) in Kovno

Moletai, Lithuania
December 15, 1939 Eretz Israel
Immediate Family:
Son of Mordkhel Leiba Jehuda Sukshteliski and Khaya Dveyra Sukshteliski
Husband of Perla Leia Kedainska
Father of Moshe Kafkafi Chaviva Musicant ???????; Baruch Kafkafi Yitzhakale Kafkafi Shalom Kafkafi and Yerucham Kafkafi 
Brother of Rokha Reiza Dvorkavich; Chasia Feinmark and Iokhved Sukshteliski

Meirovitz, Merovich


Margot Elfriede Meerowicz
November 09, 1930
Munich, Upper Bavaria, Bavaria, Germany
November 25, 1941 (11)
Kaunas, Kaunas City Council, Kaunas County, Lithuania (Holocaust: deported 11/20/1941 from Munich to Kaunas extermination camp)
Immediate Family:
Daughter of Georg Schneer Meirowich and Regina Jenta Weinshel Meirowich
Sister of Gisela Meerowicz


Regina Jenta Meirowich (Weinschell)
Gender: Female
Birth: 1894
Basalia, Wolhynien
Death: November 25, 1941 (46-47)
Kovno ghetto, Kaunas, Kaunas City Municipality, Kaunas County, Lithuania (murdered by the nazis)
Immediate Family:
Daughter of Israel Wainschel and Dora Weinschell
Wife of Georg Schneer Meirowich
Mother of Gisela Meerowicz; Margot Meirowich and Elfriede Meerowicz
Sister of Dr. Clara Schachmeister; Marie Rothbard; Donia Anna Ramm; Oskar Wainschel; Isidor Wainschel; Julius Wainschel; Bertha Wainschel and Hermann Wainschel



Shimon Ben Zeev 
Kovno, Lithuania
1924 (54) 
Rishon LeZion, Israel
Immediate Family:
Son of Zeev Abramovitch and Haya Sara Sara Abramovitch
Husband of Bela Ben Zeev
Father of Gretle Horowitz;  Ben Zeev; Hagit Klorfien; Chavazelet Cohen; Hassida Becker and 2 others
Brother of Fanny Feige Rivka Meirovich; Miriam Meirovich;Avraham "Etka" Abramovitch and Eliezer Ben-Zeev

Zeev Abramovitch 
Place of Burial:
Rishon LeZion, Israel
Kovno, Lithuania
1911 (68) 
Rishon LeZion, Israel
Immediate Family:
Son of Avraham Abramovich
Husband of Haya Sara Sara Abramovitch
Father of Fanny Feige Rivka Meirovich; Shimon Ben Zeev;Miriam Meirovich; Avraham "Etka" Abramovitch and Eliezer Ben-Zeev
Haya Sara Sara Abramovitch (Perilstein) 
Kovno, Lithuania
1918 (76) 
Rishon LeZion, Israel
Immediate Family:
Daughter of Shimon Perilstein
Wife of Zeev Abramovitch
Mother of Fanny Feige Rivka Meirovich; Shimon Ben Zeev;Miriam Meirovich; Avraham "Etka" Abramovitch and Eliezer Ben-Zeev

Miriam Meirovich (Abramovitch) 
1959 (82)
Immediate Family:
Daughter of Zeev Abramovitch and Haya Sara Sara Abramovitch
Wife of Menashe Meirovich
Mother of Bar Kochva Meirovich; Chana Anisfeld; Nechemia Meirovitz; Zeev Meirovitz; Yehudith Dagan Deutch and 4 others
Sister of Fanny Feige Rivka Meirovich; Shimon Ben Zeev;Avraham "Etka" Abramovitch and Eliez