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posted: 4/1/2007

My family came from KOVNO, RUSSIA (Kaunas, Lithuania) and lived in
BALTIMORE. On back of picture: Charles Leach, 17 E. Baltimore St.
Photographer Charles Leach was at this address in city directories for
1890-1892 and 1894. He was at 19 E. Baltimore St. in directories for
1887-1889, 1893, and 1895.


Dated 1929 from Lithuania,
Kaunus or Merkine. Can anyone identify the people or the city? On the
is a Yiddish message saying "With gratitude to the
Kozevnikus family from us and our friends." Alman.. and then
something indecipherable.



Sara Leber (pattyi@sympatico.ca)

Message: I am looking for any information on the Urison Family from Kovno
father was Chaim (Khaim), Wife was Sara (Sura) they had 5 daughters and 1 son.
Ester Mina, Chaya, Doba, Judishka, Hennala, and Schmeul. Found document of
internal passport card for both Chaim and Ester Mina (my mother). Asking for
any information on the family. Thank you for this opportunity.



Kovno 1944 days after the Nazis left. Photos belonged to a late friend, Nina
Finkelstein Anshell who was a survivor of the Kovno Ghetto.. 
Do you recognize the man?



The Kovno Ghetto 1943. Photos belonged to a late friend, Nina
Finkelstein Anshell who was a survivor of the Kovno Ghetto.. 


The Miller family.
We walked around in Palanga with my mom and remembered our life in Kaunas .... next to us lived the Miller family, I do not remember what the name of the head of the family was, but his wife was called Aviva,- she was a child Who Survived in the Kaunas ghetto !... She had two sons - Raffael and Sima ... With Raphik we used to walked together to the kindergarten and swimming pool, but then our paths split, he went to the Lithuanian school, I in Russian ... I would like to find them, I know that they moved in the 1990s to Tel Aviv..... there may be some community of people from the certain cities of Lithuania, in Tel- Aviv?  any ideas How can I find them ?