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The Schwarcer Family from Krakow
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I created a homepage for my mother and the rest of the Schwarcer family from Krakow , I would like to spread the information in hope to trace other family members .
I would be pleased if you add it to those other Krakow stories. www.adelaschwarzer.com
Jan In Sweden

Adela Schwarzer, 1923 - 2005.The picture was taken in 1940
Amalia Schwarzer
born 1930
Gusta Schwarzer
born 1921
Helena Schwarzer
born 1925
Izak Schwarzer
born 1919
Malka Beila Tennenbaum
born 1890
Mechel Schwarzer
born 1888
Regina Schwarzer
born 1926
Samuel Schwarzer
born 1928

Mechel Schwarzer was a tradesman and cooperated in business with Chaim Abend, a trade agent, who lived in the 11 Marquet Square at the centre of Kraków. They had a shop with furniture and antiques at 2 Mostowa in the Jewish District Kazimierz (also located at this address  was the society Nossei Massu for support of orphans and widows, their seat and a prayer place). The business was also to restore old furniture. Chaim and Mechel employed three  persons: a cabinet-maker, an upholsterer and sales' woman, who was Adela's eldest sister; Gusta Schwarzer, . Mechel often went for business trips to Katowice and Jaroslaw. Chaim Abend and wife Mania (both from Jaroslaw) often stayed with the Schwarzers' family in Wielicka as they liked children but had none of their own.

Malka Beila Tennenbaum-Schwarzer was daughter to Adela Feder, third wife of Mendel Tennenbaum. Mechel Schwarzer was son to Izak and Gitla and he had a sister Bronia and a brother of unknown name. Mendel died in September 1939 and was buried at the Jewish cemetery in Podgórze (in 1942 to be completely profaned and destroyed and by the Nazis who used the ground as Plaszow forced labour camp territory, and all the matsevots as building material for it).

As for the parents' family: Mechel Schwarzer had still another brother who was said to have migrated to the USA. Adela does not remember his name, but in the face of no other eligible entries in the Ellis Island Database, who knows if this was not Juda Swarccher who (as we read there), after leaving Kraków, arrived with his family – Chane, Elka, Ester, Motel, Sosche and Laser - on the ship "Finland" in New York in 1905 (with the destination point in Toronto, Canada)?

Mechel's sister, Bronia Schwarzer (herself a match-maker) married one Liebermann. One of their sons was Henryk Liebermann who married Lusia. They settled in Israel. One of Mendel Tennenbaum's grandsons, son to Malka Beila's half-brother, cousin to Adela, was Leibek (Leon) Eres-Tennenbaum. Leibek Tennenbaum was boss at Fromowic – big delicatessen store near Kazimierz which imported goods from all over the world. In 1972 he was still alive – living in Israel. His wife was Bina, his sons are Gershon and Mordechaj. His brother Izak Tennenbaum married before the WW II and left for the USA, where he had a chocolate factory (he soon died, however).
For the rest go to; www.adelaschwarzer.com