Shperber Family
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Henryk Sperber
This Page of Testimony is for Henryk Sperber. According to this Page of Testimony, Henryk was born in Cracow, Poland in 1921. According to another Page of Testimony, Henryk was born in 1923. Henryk’s parents were Gershon Sperber and Anna Sperber (nee Lewkowicz). Henryk had two brothers, Roman and Tuvia, and one sister, Eugenia.
During the war, Henryk was a member of the resistance movement in the Cracow Ghetto. In 1942, Henryk was arrested in the ghetto. In early 1943 Henryk was executed in the Plazsow concentration and labor camp.
Henryk’s brother and sister, Tuvia and Eugenia, survived the war. They both submitted Pages of Testimony to Yad Vashem to memorialize their family members who perished in the Holocaust.