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Information about Malka Weissman ( nee Schmidt ) of Lebedova -- from a phone conversation to Qiryat-Motskin , Israel, July 22, 2004: Malka was born 1920, town: Lebedova father's name: Alter Schmidt Alter had one brother who died in the war- mother: Bella nee Shayevitz? , there were six sisters in her family, they were also originally from Lebedova (some family members lived in New York). Malka had a sister named Batyah, known as 'Batyah the Genuis', born in 1922. her brother, Ytzhak, was born in 1925 father's brother was killed in the war (?) when the soviets came to the area in 1939, she used the opportunity and went to a teachers seminary in Molodechno the school had been established by the Russians. She met many other Jewish men and women in the teachers' seminary in Molodechno , including some from Kurenetz. Zukerman - most common name in Levedova, half the town had that last name. Malka was visiting her grandson and he showed her the site and she was very excited after so many year to see for the first time all the people she recognised. Her grandson lives in area of Haifa in Israel. she lives in Tel Aviv area. Her She couldn't sleep the entire night, she had tears in her eyes seeing all the people; She recognised all her leaders in the youth movement; Hashomer Hatzair, school teachers, and her entire family. In the 1929 business; Schmidt B. - fabric and textile
- Thursday, July 22, 2004 at 14:39:37 (EDT) Hi Eilat,   I'm sending you pictures (2 emails)  from my grandmother home town "Lebedova".   My grandmother is Malka Weissman ( her previous name is Schmidt ).   The pictures include her family members and more "Lebedova" friends.   Please send me a confirmation that the photos are O.K   Thank you---   Omry Zolberg, Qiryat-Motskin Israel