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This photo was one of two photos in the possession of a cousin of my grandmothers. We think it maybe Sara Esther Altman (Kranowitz), my great-grandmother's sister from Belitsa, Russia (now Belarus). She bears a resemblance to the Kranowitz family. The elders in my family believe we had photos of her in our possession and this may be one but this photo is not labeled and we can not be sure. Sara Esther was born around 1901. She eventually married a man by the last name of Altman and moved to a nearby town where they owned a store. I do not know the name of the town or type of store. They had a child, it may have been his child from a previous marriage. Sara Esther, her husband and the child all perished in the holocaust. I would love with this photo. Any clues on dating the photo would be helpful. Also if anyone can identify this young woman, it would be extremely helpful!