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Announcement about my JRI-Poland colleague Robinn Magid, who received a well-deserved honor from her ancestral city of Lublin.
On behalf of the board of JRI-Poland, I am pleased to announce that our colleague Robinn Magid, long-time board member and Lublin Archives Coordinator, was among a select group who received a civic medal last week honoring her contribution to the City of Lublin.
On the occasion of the ancient city's 700th birthday, during a reunion of descendants of Lublin Jewish families, the Mayor of Lublin commended Robinn for inspiring the citizens and helping shape the local identity of the city. For more than 10 years, Robinn has worked closely with Brama Grodzka / TeatrNN, a cultural center in Lublin, partnering with them and the Lublin Archives, to recover and preserve the memory of the Jewish citizens in her grandmother's beloved hometown.
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to read more about Robinn's work.
Mazel Tov, Robinn! From Strength to Strength!
Stanley Diamond
Executive Director, 
For the Board of JRI-Poland