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Chanan Peled (nee Cepelunski) Story

June 20, 2006

Enclosed, please find my family story, as per your request.

My name is Chanan Peled (Cepelunski). I was born in 1929 in Oshmiany to my

Parents; Gdaliahu and Mahla Cepelunski.

On July 26th, 1941 (soon after they took over the area) . The German Nazis murdered my father with most of the Jewish men of Oshmuany,

 On October 2nd, 1941 we were deported out of our homes and

sent to the Ghetto at Oshmiany where my mother, my two sisters – Genia, Gita and

myself lived all together in one small room.

On August 1942 my two sisters were sent to Milligan, a labour camp in Lithuania.

On March 1943, upon the liquidation of Oshmiany Ghetto, my mother and I were allowed to join my sisters at Milligan labour camp where we slaved at paving roads.

On November 1943 we were transferred to a labour camp in the city of Jonishki where we slaved at constructing railroad tracks. On June 1944 we were transferred

To the concentration camp Shtuthof where men were separated from women. Consequently, I was separated from my mother and sisters. After two months at the

Shtuthof concentration camp I was able to move to the labour “camp no. 10 at

“Uting am Ammer See” which was part of “Dachau” concentration camp. On April 1945 we were transferred to Dachau concentration camp from where we were led on

the “Parade of Death”. On May 2nd, 1945 American Forces liberated us near a town called Wakirchen.

I on July 26th, 1941managed to arrive to Israel through Italy and Cyprus on January 1947, and on 1948

My mother and two sisters also survived the camps and I was reunited with my mother and sisters in Israel.

Today, I serve as the Chairman of the Registered “Organization of Oshmiany people in Israel”.

Yours Sincerely

Chanan Peled peledch@012.net.il>

Yad Vashem reports;

 Gdalya Cepelunski was born in Choronzyszki ( near Oshmany), Poland in
1896 to Chanan and Genesia. He was a merchant. Prior to WWII he lived
in Oszmiana, Poland. During the war was in Oszmiana, Poland. Gdalya
perished in Oszmiana/ Oshmany, Poland. This information is based on a
Page of Testimony (displayed on left) submitted by his daughter; Genya
Veis of Be'er Sheva
Cepelunski Nachum

Nachum Cepelunski was born in Choronzyszki ( near Oshmany) in 1888. He
was a tobacco store owner and married to Rivka. Prior to WWII he lived
in Ukmerge, Lithuania. During the war was in Ukmerge, Lithuania.
Nachum perished in 1941 in Ukmerge, Lithuania. This information is
based on a Page of Testimony submitted on 02/01/1957 by his brothers'

Lejbman Rachel

Rachel Lejbman nee Chepelunski was born in Poland to,Chanan and
genesia. She was married. Prior to WWII she lived in Oszmiana, Poland.
Rachel perished in 1944 in Vievis, Lithuania. This information is
based on a Page of Testimony (displayed on left) submitted by her
daughter Zahava Chevroni in yad Eliyahu..
epelunski Gdaliahu

Gdaliahu Cepelunski was born in Osmiana, Poland in 1886 to Chone and
Gneshe. He was married to Makhla nee Chesler. Gdaliahu perished in
1941 in Osmiana, Poland at the age of 45. This information is based on
a Page of Testimony (displayed on left) submitted on 23/04/1999 by his
son Chanan Peled of Ramat Efal