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Yizhak Cohen

Yizhak Cohen
Born in Oshmiany in 1871 to Marsha ( daughter of Rabbi Avraham Zvi Eizenshtat) and Rabbi Meir Yechiel Michal Kahana ( 36 generations of Rabbis). His half brother ( from his mother) was Leon Yehuda Rabinovitz the editor of Hamelitz until 1904. Yizhak received Jewish education first in small Oshmiany Yeshivas of rabbi Yosha and Rabbi Eliyau Yona ( wrote Kanfai Yona and Eliyat Eliyahu) . Later recieved education from his father who was also the rabbi of Vishnevo, Zofran and Yanova. He studied with his well known uncle:Rabbi Naftali Eizenshtat. He became known as the Iloy from Oshmainy and became a rabbi at age 18 and was going to replace his father. His mother gave him many books of (then) modern Hebrew (books by Abraham Mapu (1808, Slobodka, Kaunas – 1867, Königsberg, Prussia and Peretz (Peter) Smolenskin 1842-1885 ) . He decided to make Aliyah and came to Eretz Israel in 1890.
Became a teacher in Eretz Israel. Married Miryam Rabinovitz Cohen, daughter; Michal?
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