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Zisa Segal

#pan-port-5:Chedva Chayut ( nee Sara Fridka)


Hyman son of Elia son of Nachum Epstein
Husband of Ida Tsemakhovich (AKA Abramson), born in Ponevezh
[Panevezys] Lithuania, 1834. Died in Brooklyn Sept. 10, 1923.
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Mina Zigelman was born in Panevezhis, Lithuania in 1921 to Zalman. Mina was murdered in the Shoah. 

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Ester Goldfus Armband, the nursery school teacher from Rehovot
Was born in Ponevizes in 1925 to Mina and Yaakov. She grew up with her widowed mother and her brother in Belgium.
A holocaust survivor, read about her at http://www.yad.org.il/rehovot/show_item.asp?levelId=43093&itemId=85910&itemType=3001


Date 1910's
City Panevezys

Description Studio portrait of the cellist, A.B. Kinkulkin. (A postcard printed in Russian and Polish.)


Date 1912
City Panevezys
Photographer Slonimski, L.
Description Studio portrait of the musician, A. B. Kinkulkin playing his cello. (Written on photo in German) "To Mr. Gurwitz as a memento of friendship from A. Kinkulkin, Vilna..."


Joseph M. "Joe" Yosel Margolis Stine
Birth: 15 AUG 1881
Panevezys, Lithuania
Death: 12 NOV 1946
St. Francis Hosp, Lynwood, LA, CA
Anna "Annie" Margolis Finkelstein (1886-1903)


Hyman Epstein, Added by jordanpryce1 on 29 Mar 2008 ( ancestry.com)
Husband of Ida Tsemakhovich (AKA Abramson), born in Ponevezh [Panevezys] Lithuania, 1834. Died in Brooklyn Sept. 10, 1923.



Meyer Krauss

10 April, 1888

June 11, 1933
New Haven CT, USA

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Chaim Moshe Fine born in Ponevitzes in 1873.



Esther Malacki was born in Widze, Poland in 1929 to Jankel and Cora nee Flakser. She was a child. Prior to WWII she lived in Widze, Poland. During the war she was in Panevezys, Lithuania. Esther was murdered/perished in the Shoah. This information is based on a Page of Testimony submitted by her sister.


Chaia Sheinzon (Nee Rik - Rabbi Yosef Karo) 
Born in 1876 Ponevezhes, Lithuania murdered in Kovno in 1944.
Parents ; Yehuda
and Rosa Rik Husband; Eliezer Children;

Pinkhas Scheinzon; Benyamin Sheinson; Bella Schragenheim; Miriam Ben - Porat; Rachel Melman; Shimon Scheinzon and Reuven Scheinzon