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Gutman, Tauba
Jewish Survivor
Question Answer
Name of Interviewee Tauba Gutman
Tauba Gutman (release name)
Gutman (current name)
Taube Leah Aizikowitz (name at birth)
Gutman (last name during war)
Aizikowitz (last name during war)
Leah (Hebrew name)
Aizikowitz (maiden name)
Taibke (nickname)
Taibela (nickname)
Aizikowitz (release maiden name)
Gender Female
Date of Birth 6/12/1917
City of Birth Pasvalys (Lithuania)
Country of Birth Russia/Soviet Russia
Religious Identity (Prewar) orthodox Judaism
Religious Identity (Postwar) liberal Judaism
Religious Identity (Time Period Unknown)
Ghetto(s) Siauliai (Lithuania : Ghetto)
Camp(s) Stutthof (Danzig (FC) : Concentration Camp)
Went into Hiding No
Member of Underground, Resistance or Partisan Group(s) No
Hiding or living under false identity (Location)
Type of hiding place
Resistance Group(s)
Liberated by armed forces, Soviet
Location of liberation Germany
Fled from Nazi controlled territory No
Forced (death) Marches Yes
Aid Giver, Liberator, or War Crimes Trials Participant
Other Experiences displaced persons camps
State of Interview PA
Country of Interview U.S.A.
Language(s) of Interview English
Length of Interview 2:00
Interview Code 28845