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I saw a web page you created that mentioned Postavy. My great grandfather, Solomon Cohen (born circa 1874 as Shlaima Shepsl Catz HaCohen, son of Leib Isaac Catz HaCohen) came from Postavy (which he referred to as "Postov."). Among his siblings were Elka (Etta Edith) Weksler; and Nechamiah Mendel Katz Hakohen. I realize that Catz/Katz is not an uncommon name, but I wonder if you happen to know if any relationship might exist between this family and yours.


Scott E. Meyer

1.Nellie's wedding picture about 1912. Nelly was the daughter of Hannah and Zalman Alperovitz.

2.  Nellie ( nee Alperovitz) and Isadore with Sylvia, Jeanette and Florence about 1925. Jeanette told me that the other person was a cousin.

3. Nellie and her sister Ethel,   daughters of Zalman and Hannah Alperovitz of Postavy ( family originated in Kurenets) picture taken in the 1930's. 
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 Date: Apr 15, 2007 4:51 AM
Subject: New pictures: Alperovich Family Tree
 Sent: Friday, April 13, 2007 9:34 PM
Subject: Alperovich Family Tree


Dear Andi, Sharon has sent me a copy of your email. I'm also your second cousin Sharon's youngest brother Elliot. I thought your work on the family tree incredible especially since much of it was recovered from Belarus.It was very clear except why were Menka's(1805) three siblings different from his father Abram's three children? I recall many stories of Nellie's childhood, her being sent away as a apprentice to a seamstress, her unhappy childhood, stories of Cossacks (she would spit three times to let the evil spirits out) and the killings in the village. Nellie said that during the pogroms a bell would ring and the children would run into the fields and hide in the haystacks. Later they would ring an all clear bell and there would always be dead people in the streets. When she was a  young girl she came to America with two of her sisters and settled in New York worked as a seamstress in a sweat shop, met my grandfather and married at age 16 and moved to Philadelphia. She continued to make most of the clothes for her children but my mother Jeanette stopped wearing them when she became a teenager because the style wasn't modern enough. My mother always commented how well the clothes were made. Nellie even taught me how to knit at age 6 much to the shock of my aunt Florence who thought boys shouldn't do that. When Florence was 75 about 10 years ago I asked her to give me as much history as she could remember. I spoke with her last week but her memory isn't as sharp as it was 10 years ago. Harry Cohen died a few months ago at age 95. There may be differences in spelling from your family tree and the accuracy may not be perfect. I'll also enclose some photos of Nellie and her family. I often wondered what her real name was. In Lithuania they would have called her something else. Her husband Izzy or Isadore often just called her Litvak. Nelllie and Isadore are buried in Mt. Sharon Cemetery outside of Philadelphia not far from my parents Jeanette and Morton.  .
If I ever make it to Israel I would love to meet you. Sharon and I travel every few years, I'll try to convince her to go to Israel with me. I  leave for Vienna on April 29 and we may travel to Slovenia to hike on the sunny side of the Alps. So thanks for all the interesting research.
Your Cousin,  Elliot.
Family History by Florence Cohen 1997 
Hannah & Zalman Alperowitz parents of:
Ethel Janov
Cile Swerdloff (became a Wasserloaf)
Clara (Kansas City daughter), Libby Pollack
Barnet Alpert (married to Cile)
Beatrice Freedman, Deloris, David
            Sidney, Norman, Marvin,
2 sisters in Kansas city
½ brother Nathan
            Rose Churner, Sam, Nellie Levin
½ sister Malka or Mollie Jacobson
Rose daughter moved to California
                    Gogi Grant daughter of Rose
            Betty Blumberg, Sam, Lawrence, Rae
Nellie & Isadore Schwartz
Sylvia & Herb Neiman
Bernis (Married to Peter von zur Muhlen
Jeanette & Morton Nathan Neufeld
Sharon Joan & Peter Hartwig
Lisa Judith &Christian Zelenka
        Lena Sophie
Nina Anette
Stuart Charles           
Elliot Lance
Florence & Harry Cohen
Lee & Jill
Robert & Deb
Neal & Susan
Samuel & Shana Schwartz
(Shana came to USA)
     Sid, Jane
Havit Neerenberg
      Irving, Jack, Tillie Lukatch
Becky Finzimer (Husband Louis)
Joseph, Albert, Tillie, Nettie, Lillian
Bessie Robin (husband Philip
Sidney, Mathilda, Clara, Jeanette
(a total of 17 brothers and sisters many died in childbirth many stayed in Russia)
Elliot Neufeld
From: Ziegelman Sent: Wed 3/21/2007 11:37
To: Hartwig, Sharon
Subject: 1850 Kurenitz Revision List

Dear Sharon,
 I'm sending you this Excel file to forward to anyone who might be interested in it.
The family of your mother's mother appears in this Excel file, in the column called: REGISTRATION NUMBER. The Registration Number is actually the street address.
Your mother's mother, Nellie, I think, was a daughter of Shneur Zalman Alperovich, born in the 1850's, in Kurenets. I got this information in the following way:
From your mother's first cousin from Kansas City, named Rose Pollack (age about 90), who made aliyah to Jerusalem, I learned that HER mother, who was a sister of your mother's mother, came to the USA from a town named Postoff, which I later learned is now called Postawy (Belarus).
From the Lithuanian State Historical Archives, to which I sent a letter, I learned that our great grandfather Shneur Zalman came to Postawy in 1863 (I guess to marry someone from there named Rochel) and by 1874 had a father named Nota (Nathan) and also a son also named Nota (Uncle Nathan from Phila.); I also learned that Shneur Zalman came to Postawy from KURENETS.
On the 1850 Kurenets Revision List, that is an attachment to this email, Shneur Zalman's father Nota lived in Registration Number 139 ; he was born in 1825; his father was Menka (born in 1805).
From the family tree of an 80 year old American man named Edward Anders/Alperovich, I learned about our Kurenets Alperovich family, because we are related to this guy Edward. I learned the following:
Menka/Mendel had three siblings: Oser (1798-), Mina (1804), and Sheina (1808-)
Menka's parents were Abram (1750-1827) Alperovich and Rocha Rabinovich (~1740-before 1811)
Abram had three boys: Notka (Nathan, 1774-bef 1825); Israel (Srol, 1776->1850); and Itsko (1781-)
Abram's parents were Anshel (1720-?) Alperovich and a woman from the Alperovich family also born in 1720
On the  1816 and 1834 Kurenets Revision Lists, the above people, our ancestors, lived in Kurenets Registration Numbers 8 and 101.
Note that in all the the Revision Lists, Registration Number 1 remains Number 1 all through the years. Remember that these registration numbers are like addresses.
Hope you can understand all this!!!
Yours, Andi
PS - Can you tell me in what cemetaries you mother and her mother are buried?

 I'm trying to find connections to my CHODOSH / CHODASCH family from Myadel
and Postavy.

Four brothers, Abraham, Louis, Saul and Samuel, emigrated and settled in
Carteret, NJ. Their sister Sarah (Sora) married Harry GOZ and lived in Ohio
and then Carteret,NJ. Their sister Sophie married Samuel WEXLER and also
settled in Carteret, NJ.

Somewhere between 1925 and 1930 they brought their father Itzhak (born about
1854) to NJ from Kurenitz, where he was then living.

Family lore has it that there were at least 6 other children, some of whom
came to the States and settled in other locations. Other relatives lived in

If any of these names or locations sound familiar, I look forward to hearing
from you.

Stephanie Weiner

From: Elaine Bush erbush@phch.org
I recently found that my ggfather, Iosel BLUSHINSKY, was living in Postavy, Disna, Vilnius gubernia in 1875. This town is now in Belarus. The BLUSHINSKY family later is found in Moletai and Nemencine, Lithuania. I would like to know if there is more information available on this town, or already translated. I'm guessing that it would be found in Belarus. I will also post this that SIG, but thought I'd check here to see if anyone else was researching that town or towns closeby. It seems that all three of "my" towns were once within the Svintsyn district of Vilna.

Elaine Bush
Pleasant Hill, CA


visitor password: bushtree

This year the Disna District Research Group has funded the translation of
the Disna District Additional Revision List 1851-1856 and the 1857 District
Farmers List. As well work has begun on the 1834 Revision list and data
for the three towns of Glubokoye, Golubichi and Germanovichi has been
received. Together this represents 3,300 lines of new data which is not
yet on the All Lithuania Database (ALD).

Translation work is now underway for the following towns.

Leonpol (Disna)1834 RL
Luzhki (Disna) 1834 RL

With the translation of the above two lists, the district will be out of
funds and work will come to a complete halt.

The following towns in the Disna District 1834 RL are waiting to be
translated. The only holdup is a lack of funds.

Disna around 1800 lines,
Druya around 1900 lines,
Plissa around 550 lines,
Postavy around 550 lines
Sharkovshchizna around 500 lines.

The translation cost is $0.55 per line. If you can raise the necessary
funds to have any of the above towns translated, those towns will be next
in line to be translated. Please let us know if you are willing to
contribute to a particular town or are willing to try and raise the
necessary funds.

If you are already a contributor to the work of Disna District, please
consider making another contribution. Would you like to become a
contributor and receive copies of all records as they are translated
in spreadsheet format ? - please make a contribution of $100 at

No donation is too small but $100 is requried to become a qualified

Dorothy Leivers
Co-ordinator of the District Research Groups of LitvakSIG



To see more pictures of the Fogel/Feigel family of Shaye Fogel (Shaye wrote; "my grandparents came from Postov. They were Chabad. I am named after a "shoichat" by the name of Shaye Feigel the shoichet.") please go to; http://lakewoodfogels.blogspot.com/


#pstv-5:A group of girls at a well: (left to right) Sonia Strichanski, Slove Taudrese, Ronia Pergament, Chashe Mampil, unidentified. 1938.

In picture above, #pstv-5 in the Postavy page there is a girl named Sonia Strichansky

I was wondering if you can direct me to the person who posted the picture and identified that woman

thank you in advance

Oded Strich

From: Aviva Dlot <aviva.dlot@l.com>

Hello Eilat,
My name is Aviva, I'm from Israel and while I was searching for information about my family :"Dlot" I came across your site: www.eilatgordinlevitan.com, where I found documentary regarding Dlot family from Postavy.

Are you still engaged in the project of historic research? 
maybe I can give you some new information and ask you a few questions?

Thanks for your attention.


Aviva Dlot.

Israel Dlot
Pastavy, Vitebsk Province, Belarus
Immediate Family:
Son of Gershon Dlot
Husband of Chana Dvoira Dlot
Father of Sheine Frid; Moisey Dlot; Ya'acov Dlot; Sima or Rishe Dlot and Shmuel Girsh Dlot
Brother of Kalman Dlot




In terms of the conscription question, what I can add to this is that the
oldest male child was exempt from conscription.  I have two examples of
this in my family history.

On one side of the family, my grandfather used his older brother's
passport to flee to the US to avoid conscription.  In another example,
a son born to my great-grandparents had the birth listed as being born
to another family in the town, using that family's last name, since they
had no male children.  I understand from a story of his life, written
by a grandson many years later about that happening.  Even years
later, it was hard to put the pieces of that together, except that
descendents of the son with a different last name knew the story,
and the families were reunited almost 100 years later.

Joel Levinson
Northridge, CA

Searching:  Baskind (Ilya), Levinson (Mariampol), Kottler (listed in
Revision list in Postov, but really lived on a farm/mill outside of town),
Kisber (same as Kottler)

You would encounter 2 problems looking for graves. Those who passed away more then 80 years ago would most likely not have their last name on the stone, only theirs and their fathers' first name. If they passed away just before the war they might have their last name as in this picture from Postavy;?
The other problem is that Postavy is not in Lithuania but in Belarus.

Check my site. I have reports from Yad vashem ( with pictures) of children of S. Dlot from Postavy who perished there in 1942.

  Did you arrange to go there? You need a visa.
Hi Eliat
I am going to Vilnius at the end of this week, and was wondering if there are any records that would tell me where my great great grandfather and great grandfather are buried?  My great great grandfather , Beryl Dlot was born about 1810.  My great grandfather, Shragai Feibush Dlot died about 1938 in Postavy. I do not know when his wife, Simcha died.   I do not know what shetl they resided in, nor much else.  Are any of the Jewish cemeteries in the Vilnius area still intact?
Any information would be greatly appreciated!
Many thanks,
Charlene Grant

I am a member of Jewish Gen and of the Belarus SIG.  I am writing to inquire whether it is possible to know if my grandfather’s sister lived in Postavy and if she perished in the Holocaust.  Sadly, I never learned her name, but my grandfather, whom I knew well, was named Gutman Todrin and was born in Orsha, then Russian Empire, now Belarus.  On his arrival documents at Ellis Island, in 1906, it indicates that his last known address was in “Postav.”  As a young child I asked him about siblings and he said he had a sister, but didn’t hear from her after the war.  Since his birth town was Orsha (I found that in Naturalization papers and also from Alexander Beider reference to that unusual name coming only from that town), but he apparently lived in Postavy prior to coming to the U.S.   I wonder if there is any way I find if there is a listing of a female resident of Postavy whose maiden name was Todrin, probably married with another surname, who died in the Shoah?

Any ideas you might have would be greatly appreciated.  I have wondered if any members of his family survived, perhaps, his sister’s children but I do not have her given name.

Thank you for any thoughts you may have on this brick wall.

Sherri Venezia <sher@omsoft.com> 
To: sher@omsoft.com

   Most the Todrin family members reported to Yad Vashem seem to have a conncttion to Orsha.
Gregory Veniamin Todrin was born in Orsha, Belorussia (USSR) in 1903 to Mendel and Eta. He was an uchitel matematiki. Prior to WWII he lived in Vitebsk, Belorussia (USSR). During the war he was in the Soviet armed forces.

Veniamin was murdered in the Shoah. 

This information is based on a Page of Testimony) submitted by his daughter in Russian it has her address and his picture. http://db.yadvashem.org/names/nameDetails.html?itemId=5256228&language=en#!prettyPhoto[gallery2]/0/
Submitter's Last Name:
Submitter's First Name:

other yad vashem reports to study;

Iosif Todrin

Iosif Todrin was born in Orsha, Belorussia (USSR) in 1916 to Zalman and Sarra. He was a civil engineer. Prior to WWII he lived in Kazan  Russia (USSR). During the war he was in the Soviet armed forces.

Iosif was killed in military service. 

This information is based on a Page of Testimony (displayed on left) submitted by his niece.
 Shmuil Todrin was born in Kokhanovo, Belorussia (USSR) in 1875. he was an agriculturist and married Basia. Prior to WWII she lived in Kokhanovo, Vitebsk, Belorussia (USSR). During the war she was in Kokhanovo, Belorussia (USSR).

Shmuil was murdered in the Shoah. 

This information is based on a Page of Testimony (displayed on left) submitted by her grandson in Russian.
Submitter's Last Name:
Submitter's First Name:

Mark Kontorovich

Mark Kontorovich was born in Leningrad, Russia (USSR) in 1922 to Samuil and Ida nee Todrin. Prior to WWII he lived in Leningrad, Russia (USSR). 

Mark was murdered in the Shoah. 

This information is based on a Page of Testimony (displayed on left) submitted by his cousin ( her father was the brother of his father)
Submitter's Last Name:
Submitter's First Name:
in russian she lives in Rosh Haain,  Ogev Street 1/1 Israel..

Results 1 - 10 of 10

Year of Birth
Place of Residence 
Fate based on this source

Kokhanovo, Belorussia (USSR)‎ 
List of persecuted pe ... 

Todrin,Basia Batia 
Kokhanovo, Belorussia (USSR)‎ 
Page of Testimony 

Grodno, Poland‎ 
List of persecuted pe ... 
Todrin,Shmuel Shmuil 
Kokhanovo, Belorussia (USSR)‎ 
Page of Testimony 

Moskva, Russia (USSR)‎ 
List of evacuated persons 
Belostok, Poland‎ 
List of persecuted pe ... 
Todrin,Veniamin Grigori 
Vitebsk, Belorussia (USSR)‎ 
Page of Testimony 

Todrin,Grigori Gershon 
Vitebsk, Belorussia (USSR)‎ 
Page of Testimony 
Killed in military se ... 

Moskva, Russia (USSR)‎ 
List of evacuated persons 
Kazan, Russia (USSR)‎ 
Page of Testimony 
Killed in military se ... 

1.Jonas Kisber, Sr. and Gertrude Strull Kisber – Jackson Sun article – August 2, 1967 – Kisber’s Old Hickory Mall

Louis & Rachel Kisber ( picture below)

Jack Lindy and his wife Freeda Kisber Lindy


Freeda Kisber Lindy with her two oldest sons, Allan and Robert (Bob) Lindy


29 Jul 2005

Laura Kisber Benjaminson (#32779)

Last logged in: July 2010 


Hi, Eilat,
I have been on your website for the last few days, and it is so amazing.  You have done something great.  It is very exciting to see all the towns and researchers that are exactly what and where I am searching.  My family was from Postov, Danilovich, Smorgon, Sventzion, Voropaeva, so your site is a fabulous resource for my research.
I read a few postings from Larry Kotz, and we must be related.  I wrote him an email but it bounced back.  His site is also down.  Could you forward this email to him?  I just found a connection in my family to the name Dlott, and it looks like Larry is already aware of it -- I found a buried and possibly mistranscribed tidbit on the internet he may be interested in.
THank you so much,
Laura Kisber Benjaminson
18 Jun 2001
29 Jul 2005
1 Jul 2002

In terms of the conscription question, what I can add to this is that the
oldest male child was exempt from conscription.  I have two examples of
this in my family history.

On one side of the family, my grandfather used his older brother's
passport to flee to the US to avoid conscription.  In another example,
a son born to my great-grandparents had the birth listed as being born
to another family in the town, using that family's last name, since they
had no male children.  I understand from a story of his life, written
by a grandson many years later about that happening.  Even years
later, it was hard to put the pieces of that together, except that
descendents of the son with a different last name knew the story,
and the families were reunited almost 100 years later.

Joel Levinson

 Father:    Eliash KISBER
   Born:    1785       Marr:          Died:    1835 
   Born:          Died:    

 Abraham KISBER 
   Born:     1814  - 
   Marr:      - 
   Died:     ABT 1870  - 
 Other Spouses:     (Kisber)  

   Born:     - 
   Died:     - 
 Other Spouses:    

 1.    Isaac KISBER  
   Born:     ABT 1840  - Former Soviet Union
   Marr:              - Sarah Basha PERGAMENT  
   Died:     ABT 1890  - Former Soviet Union

 2.    Menachem Shlomo KISBER   
   Born:     ABT 1858  - Former Soviet Union
   Marr:              -  Devorah KOTTLER  
   Died:     1940  - Sventzion

 Father:    Abraham KISBER
   Born:    1814       Marr:          Died:    1870 
   Born:          Died:    

 Isaac KISBER    
   Born:     ABT 1840  - Former Soviet Union
   Marr:      - Former Soviet Union
   Died:     ABT 1890  - Former Soviet Union
 Other Spouses:    

 Sarah Basha PERGAMENT    
   Born:     ABT 1840  - Former Soviet Union
   Died:     ABT 1890  - Former Soviet Union
 Other Spouses:    

 1.    Sarah Deborah KISBER   
   Born:     1861  - Former Soviet Union
   Marr:    1882  - Pinchas David KOTTLER  
   Died:    01 JUL 1921  - Nashville, Tenn.

 2.    Louis KISBER  
   Born:    15 NOV 1875  - Former Soviet Union
   Marr:    1900  - Rachel FRANK   (other spouses)
   Died:    17 MAR 1939  - 

 3.    Solomon KISBER 
   Born:    25 MAR 1867  - Former Soviet Union
   Marr:              - ( Kisber)    (other spouses)
   Died:     ABT 1930  - Johannesburg, South Africa

 4.    Gittle KISBER   
   Born:     ABT 1870  - Former Soviet Union
   Marr:     - 
   Died:     ABT 1940  - Former Soviet Union

 5.    Joseph D. KISBER  
   Born:    22 FEB 1868  - Postavy
   Marr:    1899  - Leah MYERS  
   Died:    19 APR 1920  - Nashville, Tennessee

 6.    Harry KISBER  
   Born:    04 APR 1878  - Kisber, Bohemia
   Marr:    1901  - Mary EAGLE  
   Died:    15 AUG 1949  - Memphis, TN

 7.    Yitta Hannah KISBER   
   Born:     1882  - Former Soviet Union
   Marr:     - 
   Died:     ABT 1930  - Former Soviet Union

 Father:    Isaac KISBER
   Born:    1840       Marr:          Died:    1890 
 Mother:    Sarah Basha PERGAMENT
   Born:    1840       Died:    1890 

 Louis KISBER      
   Born:    15 NOV 1875  - Former Soviet Union
   Marr:    15 MAR 1900  - 
   Died:    17 MAR 1939  - 
 Other Spouses:     Rachel FRANK  

 Rachel Frank      
   Born:    15 MAR 1880  - Romania
   Died:    28 JAN 1955  - Jackson, Tennessee
 Other Spouses:    

 1.    Isadore W. KISBER  
   Born:    03 NOV 1906  - Jackson, Tennessee
   Marr:     - 
   Died:    16 JUL 1925  - Yellowstone National Park
 2.    Freeda KISBER  
   Born:    25 JAN 1903  - Former Soviet Union
   Marr:     - 
   Died:     DEC 1991  - Philedelphia, PA

 3.    Jonas KISBER  
   Born:    03 JUL 1901  - Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee, USA
   Marr:     - 
   Died:    15 JAN 1968  - Jackson, Tennessee


Northridge, CA

Searching:  Baskind (Ilya), Levinson (Mariampol), Kottler (listed in
Revision list in Postov, but really lived on a farm/mill outside of town),Kisber (same as Kottler)

Subject: JGS of Montreal - Next Lecture Series Meetings - November's 2-part
From: Merle Kastner
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2006 07:55:40 -0500

The Jewish Genealogical Society of Montreal, in association with the Jewish
Public Library, is pleased to announce the guest speaker for the first of our
2-part November program:

Elsa Kisber, who will speak on "Weaving a Family History"

The meeting will be held on: Monday, November 13, 2006, 7:30 pm
Gelber Conference Centre, 5151 Cote Ste-Catherine Rd./1 Carré Cummings

Elsa Kisber has spent more than 25 years researching her family history.
She has recorded the Kisber family tree, which she has submitted to the
Diaspora Museum, Beth Hatefutsoth, University of Tel-Aviv. An on-going
work, it will be incorporated into several future projects, one of which is
her soon-to-be-published family history book.

Come and hear her describe her research and work.
Subject: Seeking H-SIG members in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2010 15:41:24 -0500
X-Message-Number: 4

Are there h-sig members in Buenos Aires, Argentina?
I would like to ask a couple of general questions.
Please contact me at evdarvas@umich.edu

Thanks much in advance.

Eva Darvas

Researching:  Budapest; Kisber;  Nagykanizsa; Naszaly;  Pecs; Tata;
Kreisler; Kreutzer; Kreitzer; Schwartz;
Drach; Deutschlander; Ban/Blau;
From Geni; 
Harry Kisber 
Immediate Family:
Husband of Mary Kisber 
Father of Abe Kisber and Joe Kisber 
Added by:
Gabe Kisber on January 25, 2009
Albert Kisber
Oct 12 1927 - Memphis, Tennessee
Nov 24 1981 - Tennessee, USA
Abraham E Kisber, Florence Kisber (???? Ray)
Elinor Kisber,

Janet Shirlee Kisber (Kahn)
Richard H Kisber, Robert Kahn Kisber

<private> Kisber
Immediate Family:
Spouse of Kisber (Greenberg) 
Parent of  Wagner (Kisber);  Kisber and  Obermeyer (Kisber) 
Managed by:
Adam Robert Brown

Harry Kisbar
Age in 1910:
Birth Year:
abt 1868
Home in 1910:
Athens Ward 1, Limestone, Alabama
Market Street
Immigration Year:
Relation to Head of House:
Marital Status:
Spouse's Name:
Marry Kisbar
Father's Birthplace:
Mother's Birthplace:
Native Tongue:
Dry Good Store
Employer, Employee or Other:
Own Account
Home Owned or Rented:
Home Free or Mortgaged:
Farm or House:
Naturalization Status:
Able to Read:
Able to Write:
Years Married:
View others on page
Household Members:
Harry Kisbar
Marry Kisbar
Abie Kisbar
Joe Kisbar  Yes, this is my family! Harry and Mary are my great-great grandparents. Joe is my great grandfather. 
Abraham Kisber was the father of Harry. Harry came to the US. He said when he was a child in Postavy, there was a pogrom. He survived by hiding in a haystack with his brothers. His father, Abraham, was killed. Harry and his brothers left for the US after this. (This is our oral history. We have no documents of the pogrom). 

Thank you SO much for your effort and knowledge. 


A E Kisber
Estimated birth year:
abt 1904
Marital Status:
Relation to Head of House:
Home in 1940:
Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee
Map of Home in 1940:
View Map
House Number:
Inferred Residence in 1935:
Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee
Residence in 1935:
Same House
Resident on farm in 1935:
Sheet Number:
Number of Household in Order of Visitation:
Auto Suppy
House Owned or Rented:
Value of Home or Monthly Rental if Rented:
Attended School or College:
Highest Grade Completed:
High School, 2nd year
Hours Worked Week Prior to Census:
Class of Worker:
Working on own account
Weeks Worked in 1939:
Income Other Sources:
View others on page
Household Members:
A E Kisber
Alberta Kisber
Albert Kisber
Elenor Kisber
Frances Kisber


I found the webpage you created about Postavy. My great great grandfather, Harry (Hershel) Kisber lived in Postavy in the late 19th century. He was orphaned at 8 years old in a pogrom. This was in the 1880's. Our family name is Kisber and has also been spelled Kizber. I see Kizber on your webpage under the section Revision List of 1858. I was wondering if you have any information on the Kizber family in Postavy. Thank you!

Jordanna Kisber