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Nechama Alperovitch 1915-2007

Nechama Alperovitch 1915-2007
Nechama Alperovitch 1915-2007

Nechama Alperovitch, daughter of Samuel and Mary Chertok, was born in Radosh.kovic by Minsk.
Nechama had eight brothers and sisters, of whom remained after the Holocaust only she and her brother Saul who lived all his life in Austria, who came to visit her every year until his death at age 96.
At 15, she joined Hashomer Hatzair she spent her youth with much Zionist activities.
At the age of 19 she came out for two years training with the goal  to immigrate to Israel and establish a kibbutz. In 1939, six months before the outbreak of the Second World War, t to Nechama made Aliyah to Israel in Israel illegally aliyahs. After a year of which she was in a tent camp near Hadera, she joined her settlement in the Galilee, and was among the founders of Kibbutz Amir.
At Kibbutz Amir she worked as a nanny, apiary and with children.
There were many swamps in the area and many people had malaria and she was one of   them.
In 1948 she moved to Kibbutz Ein Shemer  and married Nehemiah. Along with raising Dahlia, the daughter from his marriage to the late Zehava Zimmerman, who was then about 10.
In 1950, a daughter was born to her and Nechamia. When she was three years old she came out with some of her nursery, without the supervision. When they reached the pool Miriam the  fell in the water and died.
In 1955, their second daughter was born, Shulamit.
Early years she worked at Kibbutz Ein Shemer with children, then for eight years Ulpan (initially as a teacher and then as manager) and then for 20 years worked in technical secretariat . ConsolationShe was a quiet woman and the most diligent and devoted to each subject in a transaction. Was known for her love and professionalism in solving crossword puzzles, baked excellent cakes and read.books
She left two daughters - Dalia and Shlomit, six grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.
May her memory be blessed.


Nechama Alperovitch 1915-2007