Text Box: Ukmerge Foreign Passport Applications for the period 1925-1938
April 13, 2013
Most of the records refer to applications for individuals who lived in the city of Ukmerge, but applications for many other towns in the Ukmerge district can be found as well.
The information that is provided for most of the records on worksheets 2 and 3 includes the following items:
Surname, given name, father's name, maiden name of females,  date of birth, place of birth (not everyone was born in Ukmerge), foreign destination,  marriage status, the street address and town of residence, the exact date of  their Foreign Passport Application.
Additionally, there is an individual file in the Archives for almost every applicant.  The file usually includes a photo of the applicant, a Lithuanian passport that was issued on a prior date, plus a lot of family information.  Using the information that is found in the spreadsheet, a researcher can contact the Lithuanian Central State Archives in Vilnius (where the original records are housed) and obtain a copy of all documents in an individual file. 
The comments shown in column U contain very interesting information about the contents of the original record files in the Archives.
If you wish to contact the Lithuanian Central State Archives to obtain copies of the documents within the files, you should use the following contact information:
Mr. Dalius Zizys, Director.  
Tel:  +370 - 5 - 247 -7811; Fax:  +370-5-276-5312.  
Email: lcva@archyvai.lt
Web site: http://www.archyvai.lt/en/archives/centralarchives.html
The cost for records can vary depending on if it is a paper copy, included on a CD, or digitized and sent via email. The Archives will notify the researcher what the options are. It is very important to send the Archives all of the information from the entry in the spreadsheet so they can easily find the correct file. It is also important to notify the archive of your relationship to the person. Otherwise, the 100 year privacy law may prevent the archive from sending copies of the documents.