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I have stumbled upon a small, but seemingly valuable piece of
genealogical information and was hoping the readers could advise me
how to best make us of it.

It is the document listing the division of the possesions of ancestor
who died in 1785. The deceased died in France and had 3 sons. One son,
himself deceased lived in Slonim, Grodno, Belarus.

This is what is mentioned about his family:

Wolf LION, deceased before 1785, whose descent lives in Slonima (area
of Grodno, Belarus). His younger sons Hayem WOLF and Cerf WOLF, and
grand-daughter Selda (Zelda?), daughter of the elder son, the late
Ezechiel WOLF, all represented in by Isaac Moyse, envoy of the
rabbinical court of Slonima.

It seems clear that the family adpoted the name WOLF, after their father.

As well, i had always heard of decendancy from the great rabbi of
Prague, Ezechial Landau. The name popping up here is exciting.

Is there somthing i could do to follow this up? Who are all these
people and what happened to them? Their children Etc? Who is Issiac

Any advice or help greatly appreciated,


Robert Rover
Baltimore, USA.

LEVY, BLOCH, WOLF (of slonim).