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I would like to thank Lauri R., we will post the information she sent in "Volozhin stories" and Volozhin Yizkor book.
Congregation Eitz Chaim Anshei Wolozin

The following information was copied from a little booklet published by the Congregation Eitz Chaim Anshei Wolozin in the Lowe East Side of Manhattan, NY circa 1951 to commemorate the history of the congregation. It is broken up into sections: 1886-1936, 1936-1941, 1942-46, and 1947-51.

The following is from the first section:

During the years 1881-1885, a number of our co-religionists who left their native little town, Wolozin, Russia and journeyed to the shores of the land whose gates were open to all, settled as neighbors in the vicinity of Bayard Street in New York City which is around the Park Row section. Diligently they applied themselves to procuring work and by the labor of their hands, they found a means of sustenance for themselves and their dependents. In those days, our founders felt themselves strangers in an alien though hospitable and friendly country. Their transformation from the small town life to the broad new freedom of this land opened their eyes to the danger of drifting away from the traditions which were so dear and a part of them. It was this feeling, together with the desire for congregational life that moved them to organize this Congregation and accordingly on the last day of Passover 1886 our Congregation was formed for the purpose of religious worship and also for Brotherly unity. The name chosen was Eitz Chaim Anshei Wolozin, Chaim being the name of the great Rabbi Chaim of Wolozin upon whom had fallen the mantle of the great Saint Gaon Elijah of Wilna and who was the founder of the Yeshiva in Wolozin, the greatest institution of Jewish learning, culture and tradition.

The charter granted by the State of New York shows the following officers:

MOSES PIERSON, President; JACOB HURWITZ, vice president; HEYMAN ROGOWIN, Treasurer, JACOB J. JOABLONS, Secretary.

The following acted as Trustees:

Samuel Bunimovitz, Moses Chafez, Isaac Meltzer.

The original charter members with their meager means only held their religious service on Friday Evenings, Saturdays and Holidays at 36 Eldridge Street and then at 1001 Hester Street, 20 Orchard Street, 16 Ludlow Street. In this locality, services started 3 times daily. The membership increased and the congregation purchased its own building where our Synagogue now stands. A very active spiritual life began within the new surroundings. Famous Rabbis of that time, amongst whom were Rabbi A.A. Youdelowitz and Rabbi Mordecai Klatzco, were called to lead our congregation.
The 1936-41 section refers to a committee of elders: Moses Banowitch, Victor Klein, Samuel Silverman, and a committee of younger members: Moses Leavitt, Max L. Wolper, and Ben Klein.
At the time of the printing of the booklet, the congregation was at 209 Madison Street NY and the officers were:

Rabbi Nathan Rothstein
Jack Kronenberg
Benjamin Wolper
Abe Rogovin
Albert Kirshner
Ruby Rogovin
Harry Silverman
Max L. Wolper
Morris Heicklin
Dr. Edward Weisman
Isidore Meyerson B.S. Kirshner
Charles Skloot Seymour Bloom
Harry A. Brookman
Jack Klein
Dr. J. J. Bennet
Irving Bunim
Joseph R. Cohen
Leon Friedberg
William Ginsberg Benjamin R. Gutterman
Seymour Herbst
Dr. Abram Jablons
Rev. Eli Meltzer Isidore Meyerson
Jack Rudin Abraham Weisman
The Congregation Eitz Chaim Anshei Wolozin has a cemetery plot in
Queens, NY.
I will track down the address and post it at a later date.
Lauri R..