Baranowice Maps
Also known as; Baranovice, Baranovichi, Baranavichy, Baranowicze (now in Belarus) Baranovichi, Novogrudok uyezd, Minsk gubernia
Latitude: 53º08' Longitude: 26º02 '82.2 miles SW of Minsk
for the Yizkor book;

(brn´ôvych) (KEY) , Belarusian Baranavichy, Pol. Baranowicze
(bäränôv´ch) (KEY) , city (1989 pop. 159,315), in W Belarus. It is a major railway junction and has industries that manufacture machinery, metalware, and textiles. Founded as a railway station in 1870 ( part of the Russian Empire) , Baranovichi passed from the Soviet Union to Poland in 1920. In 1939, Baranovichi again was incorporated into the USSR as a consequence of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact.( under German/Nazi rule 1941- 1944) A state university is there.

The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition

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