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#dns-7:Dolginov, Minsk gubernia
#dns-8:Stone Idol
(near Doliginovo/ Dauhinava village, Vilejka Region)
Stone idols or "baba" (symbolizing a female) are frequently found around Belarus. Their typical shape is that of a rounded cross. You can still see some stone baba's standing by the road. This particular figure of a woman and a child has crosses. Each cross consists off 4 crosses joined into one bigger cross. The crosses are located on the shoulders, heart and stomach area. More on: Stone Idol

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A week ago we (me ,my father and brother and my father cousin) returned from a visit in Belarus.
We visited Dolginovo, where my father was born and even found the family house (with the help of the locals).
My fathers' cousin (born in Ivya) found the son of a goy that hid him from the nazis for a night.
We also have been in the Jewish history museum in Minsk, I showed them your website for there use.
Im attaching some pics from the visit that I'll be happy if you please upload them to the website, thank you.
Shana tova to you and all your family.


Haim Grozbein House


Dolginovo Entrance


Dolginovo Memorial


Grozbein House


Help to find the House




Well near the house


Dloginovo highschool Pupils singing "Haveinu Shalom Aleichem" in Hebrew
The Jewish group of visitors was very touched
with such a warm welcome. As our Guide confessed, she did not see anything like it before


Reception at the High School Hall with the principal of the Dolhinov High School
Galina Tupitzina.



Our reception with bread and salt Dolginovo, 2007


In School foyer with the principal- Heritage Tour to Dolhinov and surroundings-2007





At the Gravestone of grandfather Eliezer Ben Yehoshua Rozin 


The sign

Judy Paris, July 1, 2008


These pictures were taken July 1, 2008. There are a few newer homes


Dolhinov Painted Fences

Judy Paris, July 1, 2008


As you can see it is primarily a farming community. There are a few newer homes and a lot of use of color - particularly the fences. We found just one small market.
Judy Paris, July 1, 2008


Dolhinov Street Scene,
Judy Paris, July 1, 2008