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#dp-17: Avrum and Rikla nee Zavodnik Kagan
#dp-18:Yosef Binyamin Alperovich (born c. 1845) married Hannah Yachved Isaksohn* (born c. 1845) and as far as I know, they had the following 6 children in Dolhinov:
- Gedalya (George) Alpers (born c. 1867)
- Samuel Alpers (born c. 1772, immigrated to USA, lived in Salem, MA - married
Bessie Swift, 7 children)
- Isador Alpers (born 1877, immigrated to USA, lived in Salem, MA - my grandfather
- married Sarah Molly Sushelsky, 7 children)
- Perle Alperovich
- Michle Alperovich (married Kusiniec, 2 children - perished in Holocaust c. 1942 -
appears in Dolhinov Yizkor book as "Michle Kuznitz")
- Ch. Alperovich Chaika" or "Chaike; She married a man named (Rafael) Sosinski / Sosensky / Solsensky (died of pneumonia in 1939 in Dolginovo). One of her children was named Joseph Sosinski (?)(born in Dolginovo in 1922 , escaped from the Dolhinov ghetto and joined the partisans to fight the Germans and later in the Red Army. Married Katia (b. 1928) came to israel in 1962 with two children; Maya, wife of Amikam Shor of Bitzaron, and son, Eli . Died with wife Katia on march 11, 1978) who lived in a small, remote town (a kibbutz?) in Israel during the 1960's. I think Joseph had 4 siblings, but I don't know the names.
(Batia Kramer (born 1926 lives in Ashdod) , Chanoch , Sima Shochetman (born 1935) and Yehuda (lives in Ganay Yochanan))
*The parents of Hannah Y. Isaksohn were Baruch Yaakov Isaksohn (born c. 1820)
and wife Perle. Hannah's siblings that I know of were:
- Sarah Rivka Isaksohn (born c. 1850, married Yitzak Axelrod and had 8 children)
- Gedalya Isaksohn (2 children)

The Axelrod family tree has been well researched by Harold Rhode -
I suspect that you have been in touch with him about Dolhinov.
Charlie Alpers
#dp-19: Max Konigl, a forester (3rd from right), posing with friends near a stack of timber.1923
#dp-20: Max Konigl, a forester, with "Andria," posing, both wearing mountain peasant costumes. 1932.
#dp-21: Yakov Sigaltchik


Rehovot, Purim 2006. Daughter of Yechezkel Gultz who was born in Dohinov.



Henia ( my grandads sister) and her husband Tzvi Gurewicz from
Dolhinow. They and their 4 children perished in 1942 and can be found
on the Yad Vashem website.


right to left, top row 1st Gertie Kantorovitch (nee. Steinman /
Zukerman). Man on top right without head. Moishe Kantorovitch (
goverment official) Bottom left Henia Kantorovitch 1902-1942 and my
grandfather David Michael Kantorovitch 1899 – 1986 travelled from
Zaskevichi to the UK in 1913..

My grandfathers father came form a large family who lived in
Zaskevichi, Belarus. I do not have dates but this is the Kantorovitch
family as I understand it.
Lebel Kantorovitch was married to Celia and had 7 children, Joseph,
Mendel, Moishe, Yacob, David, Henya and girl unknown.



1925: top row left to right, Hershel Kantorovitch, Henia
Kantorovitch ( grandfarthers sister) , Miriam Kantorovitch. Bottom Row
Malke Kantorovitch (wife of Mendel), Lebel Kantorovitch ( my great
grandfather), Mendel Kantorovitch.


Sarah nee Kasdan and Gershon Rubin. Picture from their granddaughter Galia



Yekhiel Rubin was born in Dolhinow, Poland to Yisrael Rubin and
Sara nee Kasdan. Yekhiel was murdered in 1942 in Dolhinow, Poland.
This information is based on a Page of Testimony (displayed on left)
submitted by the daughter of his brother Gershon, Galia Ben Barak


Sisters; Rachel Sosensky and Zelda Radushkovitz were born in Sosenka
and lived in Dolhinov. Rachel and her family perished in the
holocaust. Zelda survived and came to Israel.



Dov Adin was born in Dolhinov in 1914 to Rhoda and Gershon Eidelman.
he was one of the editors of the Dolhinov Yizkor book. he passed away
in Israel in 2001.


Sima Edelman was born in Dolhinov in 1908 to Rhoda and Gershon Eidelman she
passed away in Raanana in 2001.



Gershon was born in Dolhinov in 1876 to Berl and Chaya Edelman. He
passed away in israel in 1947.
Here he is with his wife Rhoda Edelman
and children; Sonya Sara Shifris (1909- 2001); Dov Adin 9 1914-
2001); Frieda Ben-Tovim (1919- 2012) and Sima Ravkaie (1908- 2001)


Yizhak Gitlin born in Dolginovo



Dora Meirson nee Gitlin born in Dolginovo


Mina Persov nee Gitlin born in Dolginovo



Shlomo Hagiti nee Gitlin born in Dolginovo



Betzalel Gitlin born in Dolginovo