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By : Herman Rosenthal (writen in 1906)

A Russian astronomer; born at Dünaburg, now Dvinsk, in 1866; died at
Wilna, December 29, 1898. His early education was received at the
gymnasium of Riga, whence he graduated in 1887, gaining the gold
medal. He proceeded to the University of Moscow, and, after graduating
in astronomy and geodesy, took a year's course (1892-93) at the
University of Berlin. He afterward worked in the observatories of
Pulkovo and St. Petersburg. In 1887, while at the Riga gymnasium, he
published "Sbornik Algebraicheskikh Zadach." His treatise "O
Padayushchikh Zvyezdakh" was adopted by the University of Moscow as a
text-book for young astronomers. Another of his works, "O Dvizhenii
Nyekotorykh Meteornykh Potokov," was published in 1898 by the Imperial
Russian Astronomical Society of St. Petersburg, of which he was a
member. Abelman also published a series of articles on astronomy in
the "Russkiya Vyedomosti," in "Novosti," in "Astronomische
Nachrichten," and in some other German periodicals