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Rabbi Chasman
Rabbi Chasman

From: Rena W. Shankman
I found many Leibmans on the
Ivye Yitzkor book. I only have the names of my gggrandparents
Raphael and Shifra Leibman, their five children and grandchildren. There
are 4 to 5 generations both in U.S. and Israel. From naming patterns I
estimate Raphael died before 1889 and Shifra before 1900. Shifra may have
been a Chasman since their oldest son was well-known Rabbi Yehuda Leib
Chasman who served in various communities before immigrating to Israel. He
was at the Hebron Yeshivah at the time of the 1929 attack and later died in
Jerusalem in 1935. Some of his students published some of his
writings which has
a forward by his son, the late Raphael Chasman, a journalist in Tel Aviv.
Rabbi Yehuda Leib Chasman

Rabbi Chasman was the mashgiach, the spiritual mentor, of Chevron
Yeshiva. He studied in Yeshivat Kelm under Reb Simcha Zissel Ziev, in
the Yeshiva of Volozhin under the Netziv and in the Yeshiva of Brisk,
under Rabbi Chaim Halevi Soloveichik. In 1897, he was served as the
mashgiach in Telz Yeshiva, and in 1908 he established the Shtutshin
Yeshiva. Eventually, he moved to Israel and became mashgiach in
Chevron Yeshiva, both in Chevron, and later, in Yerushalayim. Among
his talmidin was Reb Shlomo Schwadron. He authored Ohr Yohel and
passed away on 11 Cheshvan, 1931. His only son was Raphael Chasman,
born 4/1/1901 in Kelm. Lithuania. Worked as a journalist in Kovno for
"The Yiddeshe Shmate" he first came to for a visit to Israel in 1929.
He returned to Tel Aviv in 1935, working for the papers Haaretz and
Hazofe and American Yiddish paper: Tag. He passed away on 1/21/1972