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#de9:Artist, poet and translator Nomi Zuckerman
The younger daughter of Baruch (born in 1887 in Kurenitz) and Nina Zuckerman - who each had a profound influence on Zionism in America - and the sister of Avivah Zuckerman, a gifted, prize-winning poet, Hagana activist and later a world-renowned Hebrew University professor of parasitology.


The cover of a brochure from the shop owned by the Broujiansky family of Rosa nee Pintov. This is from 1956.From:
Meil Dori m-dori@zahav.net.il

It was Malka's sister Rosa nee Pintov who went to Paris and her son Valentine married Fanny (nee Scher). Their name was Broujiansky later Broujeau. The family business was Legrus Raincoats.


photograph of Sofie and Harry Kimball taken in York with myself (Linda) in 1992
From: Meil Dori m-dori@zahav.net.il

The old couple who came (from the Kurenets/ Glubokie area) to England were Shmuel and Malka (nee Pintov) Markman. They came with their four children Zalman (Sam), Hilda, Sofie and Label. In Washington Sofie (nee Markman) and Harry Kimball had a daughter Sylvia who married a guy called Katz. Sofie and Harry also had a son named Oscar who lived in Springfield, Maryland


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