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Shaul- Rafael Etkin : born on February 5th, 1860 . Died on April 10th, 1941 in Krulevshchizna, Belarus.

Shaul-Rafael Etkin's wife was : Chaya-Liebe Kabakov.
They lived in a small town in Belarus, called : Krulevshchizna ,
is in the region of Glubokie.
She was born on March 10th, 1865 , died : August 20th, 1943 at the
Glubokie Ghetto (*) in Belarus.

* The Glubokie Ghetto was burned and totally destroyed by the Nazis
August 20th, 1943. - Most of the Etkin family were killed there on
tragic date !!!

They had 8 children, as follows :
The oldest son was : Reuven-Shimon . born on August 15th, 1888 .
died on
August 20th, 1943 in the Glubokie ghetto.
His wife was : Pesia. they had 2 daughters : Sheyne (14), Feygele
All died in the Glubokie ghetto together.

Gitl Etkin. born : May 20th, 1890. died : June 10th, 1940 in
Krulevshchizna, Belarus.
She married Tana Hodosh on May 10th, 1915. Tana was born on 1880 in
Belarus. Died in the USA on : ??? -- Anthony
(ahodosh@archivalmanagement.com) , please give us this date.
They had 2 sons, which are now living in Los-Angeles, California. as
follows :
Zelig Hodosh (now called : Mike).
Hirshel Hodosh (now called : Greg / Gregory). Born on 1927 in
Died on July 2005 in L.A., California. He married : Dolores Kwiat
1965. They have 2 sons : Anthony , born :May 15th, 1966 in the USA.
Robert , born : October 27th, 1969 in the USA.
Anthony had married Judy Rubin on May 26th, 1996 in LA. They have 3
children : Gabriel , born : April 1st, 1997. Eithan , born : May 13th,
1999. and Susan.
--- By copy to Anthony : please add the missing data about the full
"branch" of the family. Thanks.

Rachel Etkin. born : June 25th, 1895. died : August 20th, 1943 in the
Glubokie ghetto.
She married Chanan (Chonke) Pirovoskin, on May 5th, 1925. He died in
Krulevshchizna before the war.

Chanan (Chonke) Etkin. born : July 30th, 1907. died : August 20th,
in the Glubokie ghetto.

Chaim- Shabtai Etkin. born : June 9th, 1908. died : 1927.

Yekutiel (Kushke) Etkin. He faught as a soldier in the "Red Army" in

Hirsh Etkin. He married Chaya. both died in the Glubokie ghetto, on
August 20th, 1943.

Menachem-Mendel Etkin (my grandfather). born : August 5th, 1909.
died :
March 25th, 1941 from a blood infection, due to some teeth treatment
(there was no Anti-Biotics drugs at that time).
He married Eva (Chava) Kaminsky, on February 19, 1932. She was born on
January 15th, 1913 in Dokshitz. She was a brave Jewish Partisan. She
served as a nurse in the Partisans. Her troop was captured by the
Nazis in
the forests of Belarus, close to the area of Glubokie, and they were
by the Nazis on
June 3rd, 1944 in the forest. Eva had a sister : Lea Kaminsky, who
taking care of the twins (below) in the ghetto, during her absence from
ghetto, due to her professional duties in the Partizans.
They had 2 twin-sons, which were born on December 25th,1932 :
Chaim-Shepse, who died in the Glubokie ghetto on August 20th, 1943.
and my
father :
Michael (nick names : Michale, Mishka), who had very bravely escaped
from the burning Glubokie ghetto on this early Friday morning of August
20th, 1943.
* His escape story is an amazingly great story of survival.... !!! We
now in the final stages of the completion of a book about my father's
story, in Hebrew. Michael had married Rivka Levy on the very symbolic
date of August 20th, 1956 in Haifa, Israel.
Rivka was born in Saloniki, Greece on June 6th, 1936 . - She worked
many years in Israel as a kindergarten teacher.
Michael worked for many years in Israel as a Physical-education
teacher, a
Volleyball coach and many other sports activities (swimming coach and
referee, table-tennis, spokesman in the Radio in Israel about
Michael & Rivka live in Kiriat-Bialik (close to Haifa), Israel. They
5 sons, as follows :
1. Menachem- Shabtai (myself). born : August 3rd, 1957 in Haifa,
I had married my first wife : Lia Gertz on February 17th, 1981 in
Israel. We had 2 daughters :
Inbar- Chava, born : September 24th, 1982 in Ramat-Gan, Israel . Shani
born : May 9th, 1987 in Ramat-Gan, Israel.
We divorced on 1993.
I had re-married with Mazal Gorino, on September 18th, 1995 in
Mazal was born on March 2nd, 1958 in Haifa, Israel.
We have 2 sons : Eyal-Avraham. born : February 19th, 1996
IDDO-Noach . born : February 19th, 2001
That's correct : both of them were born on the very same date !!!

2. Chaim- Yehoshua. Born : August 6th, 1960 in Haifa, Israel.
He married Taly Kloizner , and they have 3 daughters : Keren,
and Lior.

3. Nitzan- Hanoch. Born : October 12th, 1965 in Haifa, Israel.
He married Michal Meir, and they have 2 daughters : Bar, and Shay.

4. Amit- Rafael. Born : March 29th, 1971 in Haifa, Israel.
He married Ruth (Reut), and they have 1 son : Noam. They had
divorced on 2005.

5. Idan- Reuven. Born : May 13th, 1975 in Haifa, Israel.
He is not married yet.

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