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Kurenets Scenes - Old
#so1:Heves Chaims (Yoash Alperovitch , Chaims son) gave me this  picture : Kurenitz 1937 : top from left: Pesach Levinson, Ester Malka, Minke from Zaskovitch, Chaim Alperovitch (Heveses), Yakov Akiva Katz, Shachne Stoler, Miriam Zimmerman, Arie Zimmerman, Genie Zimmerman. middle; Malka Levinson, Nechama Ziskind, Mariashke Alperovitch, Soshke Katz, Chajke Ziskind, Ester- Malke Stoler, Mashe Zimmerman, Alter Zimmrrman. bottom; Rivke Levinson, Yakov Levinson, Dvore Levinson, Yakov Alperovitch (the boy), Merke Stoler, Hilel Stoler. most perished in 1942.
#so2:Emma Alperovitz with ? Schneerson (from the Chabad-Lubavitch family) and? at the Schneerson Pharmacy (Apteyk) in Kurenitz c 1930. The Schneerson family initially survived the massacre of the Kurenitzer Jews on 9-9-1942, since the local residents needed a pharmacist. At that point, they were the only Jews in Kurenitz who were not in hiding, and they helped many Jews and partisans. They knew that soon they would be killed, and they had planned to run away. But the partisans asked them to stay a little longer. As a result, -- except for one son -- they were all killed. Emma emigrated to Israel (then Palestine), where she married Zalman Zivony. She and Zalman founded one of the first pharmacies in Tel Aviv (thanks to her experience at the Schneerson Pharmacy).
#so4:"GMILUT- CHESED"- an interest- free loans establishment.
#so5:Members of Hashomer Hatzair youth movement on top of the "famous" bolder Standing on the rock from right to left; Shlomo son of Meir Aharon Alperovitz, Michal son of Ben Zion Meirovitch, Leizer son of Chaim Velvel Benes. on the far right Yitzhak Gurfinkel hugging Eiyahu son of Alter Zimerman. between the standing boys sitting Nechamia Alperovich and linning on his shoulder Dov the son of Avraham Chaim Reyder the chimney sweeper. holding the flag is Yosef Markman, to his top left, Luba nee Gurevich Bardan, to her left Chaya Sara Shmukler and sitting on her Henya Dimenstein the daughter of Merka de bakerke. sitting at bottom right;Sara Eisak, Zlata Zimerman, ?, ?, . Sheina the daughter of Neta Zimerman, Chana Alperovitz and Freydale Zimerman. above them standing Chaya Altman from Dolhinov Street, sitting far left Bela Meltzer and Menuchka Kupelovitz.
#so6: Ken Hashomer Hatzair (Socialist- Zionist youth movement) Kurenets 1929; sitting right to left:Sara nee Meirovitz Eizen, Luba nee Gurevich Bardan, Zlata Zimerman, Chana Alperovich, Bela Meltzer, Batya daughter of Rabbi Oshpol, Chaya Sara Shmukler, Dvusha Kopilevitz, Daughter of Shlomo Mayzel, Fraydel Zimerman. Second line sitting; r to l :Michael Meirovitch, Shlomke Alperovitz, Nechamia Alperovitch, Israel Gvint, Dvushel Zokovski, Aharon Meirovitch, Yitzhak Gurfinkel, ?, Hirshel Alperovitch, Eliyahu Zimerman, Standing next; Yechiel Alperovitch, ?, Third row right to left; Zev (Wolf) Rabunski, Henya Dimenstein, Chaim Yitzhak Zimermzn, Shlomo Mindel, Shmuel Limon, Yermiyahu Alperovitz, Shimshon Zimerman, Velvel Rodinski, Aharon Alperovitz, Yakov Dinerstein, Yosef Markman. Top row R to L; ?,?,?, Rosa nee Chosid Rabunski, Mendel Levins' daughter, Menuchka Kopilovitch, Chaya Altman, ?,?, Sara Eisak.
#so7:From summer of 1924. The teacher on the left (second line) is Berl Dardak, on the right (second line) is his brother Shmerl Dardak. The teacher in the middle (4th line) is Vilkovsky, a gymnastic teacher who did many other things - was a painter, a photographer, wrote poetry (Yiddish), and married Vishniva, a relative of Shimon Peres. Some other people: First line (top): First left - Avraham Dimenstein; second left - Israel Gvint; first right - Sarah Meirovitch. Second line: near Berl- Rivka Shulman. near Shmerl - Perez Hasid. Third line: First left - Freidale Zimerman. Fourth line: first left (near Vilkovsky) - Ethel Kepelevich.
#so8:The road to Vileyka
#so9:Summer camp 1920. Second from left; Bela daughter of Aharon and Rachel Shulman, third from left; Chana daughter of Naftali Alperovich
#so10:R to L: Bela Shulman, Bat Sheva, Lea, ? 1923
#so11TARBUT school 1933
#so12:The aftermath of the fire that started at Aharon Shulman house, 1925
#so13:Kurenitz firefighters' parade.
#so14:The Gurevitz family in front of their home. During the Holocaust the home was used as a Jewish resistance headquarters.
#so15:A corner in the Kurenitz main market, the picture was taken at the end of the first world war. The five boys at the front of the picture left to right; 1.Ysraelka, the son of Sara-Frede Shapira 2. Chaim Byenish, the son of Abraham Fidler. 3. Btzalel, the son of Shlomo - Chaim 4. Aharon, son of Ben Zion Meirovitz and Perle nee shafer. 5. Meir Alperovitz , son of Zalman ben Yehezkel Binias' and Reshke nee Alperovitz bat Yehuda Meir Fradas' The homes from the right; 1.Mota Lieb Kupershtoochs' (father of Zev and Yosef), 2. Aharons', son of Tzvi Shulman (father of Nyomka, Chana, Rivka, Rashka and Bela) 3. Pesya and Moshe Alperovitzs' (parents of Benyamin, Rachel and Yitzhak Arieli from Dan) 4.Reshke and Zalman  Yechezkel Alperovitz (parents of Meir, Pia, Sara and Moshe) 5. Chaim Avraham Alperovitz, father of Daniel (Dania), Zertel and Chaya 6. Leib Charnas home. After "De Glaska "(the alley), 7. the home of Lea Etka (with the two floors) almost all of the home owners perished in 1942.
#so16:Rashka Shulmans' nursery school. Front far left; Benjamin Shulman
(Nyomka born in 1924- was killed while fighting the Germans c 1943).
Some of the other children pictured;
1. Avraham Kupershtoch ( born in Kurenets 1926) 2. Rayzale
Kupershtoch ( born in Kurzeniec in 1930) both to Yosef Kupershtoch and
Rachel nee Palant of Dolhinov. The entire family perished on 9- 9-
1942 ( the sister of Rachel; Rivka Halperin, survived and gave Yad
Vashem reports) 3. Sima Kremer (born in Kurnenets c 1927) to Khaim and
Malka nee Gurfinkel. The entire family perished in 1942. Sister of
Khaim gave reports to Yad Vashem. 5. The daughter of "Mula Ganav"
Shmuel Alperovitz? perished in 1942.
5. Shlomo born c 1928, son of Asher Limon and Ashka Chaya nee
Shkolnik. The entire family perished. Yad vashem reports by cousins.
6. Daughter of Ata Shturman Paves'? Solominsky?
# so17: original Zionist meeting Vileyka 1927
#so18:Yakov Shulman visits his family, 1933.
#so 19: PTA members of Kurenets' Tarbut School
#so20: The Gurevitz Alperovitz home at bottom in 1941 / top 1990 in Kurenets
#so 21: Kurenets friends born at the turn of the century. Standing on the right is Bella Shulman. Seated next to her is Rachel Alperovitz. Seated across from her is Bat Sheva. On the bottom left is Lea. Third from the right Badanna Pintov.
#so 22: Second from the right is Badanna Pintov. Third from the right Bella Shulman. Fourth from the right Bat Sheva.
#so23:Rashka and Rivka Shulman with freinds, Kurenitz, Chanuka, 1931.
#so 24: from the right Bella Shulman. In the middle Rachel Alperovitz. Next to her on the left Bat Sheva at the bottom; Moshe Kremer recognized her as his sister; Bashka.
#so25:A play written by Yakov Gordin. Performed, directed and acted in a Kurenets playhouse by citizens of Kurenets. Standing first from the right; Zalman son of Moshe- Binia Alperovich. to his left; Eliyahu- Chaim son of Nechama- Risha nee Gelman and Mendel Zalmans' Alperovich. fifth from the right; David son of Leib Motosov. standingseventh from the right; Rivka daughter of Rachel and Aharon Shulman. Eight from the right; Shmuel Spector.
#so26:During the German occupation in the first world war (1917), with the German teacher bottom left to right; Leika Meirovitz, Chana Alperovitz, Batia nee Gurevitz Bender, Rachel Alperovitz, Ema nee Alperovitz Zivoni. middle; Henya (Menachem Mendel's) Kramer, ?, The German teacher, Feygel Alperovitz, Frumka Meirovitz, ?, Feya nee Alperovitz Rubin, the boy is the son of Zipilovitz. others are unknown.
#so27:"Gurevitz family"
#so28:the Shulman siblings, from left to right: Rushka, Benjamin ("Nyomka") and Rivka
#so29: (L-R) Mordechai Alperovich-Shapiro, Yeoash Alperovich and Liba Alperovich (daughter of Nechama and Itzhak Michael Alperovich), in 1930.
#so30: (Sitting) Mendel Alperovich (son of Zalman) with his wife, Nechama Risha daughter of Benjamin (last name unknown) and Chaya Rivka Levine. (Standing, L-R) Daughter Emma Tzivoni, her daughter Edna, daughter-in-law Dvoshil and son Eliahu Chaim.
#so31 Yermiyau Alperovich and his wife Chaia-Sora nee Bobinyar
#so32Mordechai son of Zalman-Uri Gurevich and Sara nee Zimerman and his wife Frada, daughter of Yehuda son of Meir Alperovich.
#so33: In the first row - left to right:standing - Sarah Wouk, nee Feldman, my mother. seated: - Faiga Racha Feldman, nee Levine, her mother, and the eldest of the Levine children; Rabbi Mend Leib was her younger brother. standing - Sadie Podolnick, nee Feldman, my mother's older sister. behind, standing, are two men, thought to be cousins of Sarah and Sadie. this picture was taken in 1934, when the two sisters visited their mother who was not well. however, she lived on till 1942. it was taken in either Kurenitz or Budonovah. Anyone having any information about Faiga Racha or the two men, please send it to me. Arthur Wouk (awouk@nilenet.com)
#so34: Yosef- Shimon son of Hillel Kremnick, his wife Slava and daughter Fira, given to their cousin Bella Kremnick (Salitarnick) on 12-4-1932.
#so37:The Kramer family: Malke, Sima, and Chaim
#so40:Yosef Alperovich, Zeev Kupershtooch, and ??? Stoller
#so41:Batya Gurevich is on the lower left.
#so42:Eltka nee Perski (sister of Shimon Peres father) and her husband Ytzhak Rabunski
#so45:Rabunski Family
#so46:Rabunski Family
#so47:Kurenitzers who survived the war
#so48:Kurenitzers who survived the war
#so50:Donia, Chana, Stanley & S. Sosensky


The wife and chils of Mendel Rabunsky who survived the holocaust.



Holocaust survivor Chaim Dimenshtein.Cousin of Mendel Fidler who submitted the picture

Holocaust survivors Chaim Dimenshtein and his wife 
Yaffa Dimenshtein (Kopilovitz)
.Chaim is a Cousin of Mendel Fidler who submitted the picture



Mendel Fidler with his mother Chana, her sister and the sister's husband and son.


On the right Minia Fidler born in 1921 in Kurenets perished in the holocaust.
Sister Sara was killed in her home inKurenets during a lightning storm in 1940 ar age 14., Submitted by there surviving brother Mendel (Marvin Fidler )



Mendel Fidler submitted his picture. Mendel was born in Kurenets in 1931l
He is a holocaust survivor together with his parent Chana and Yitzhak Fidler.
His siblings  Isar born in 1927 and Minia born in 1921 perished in the holocaust.
Sister Sara was killed in her home inKurenets during a lightning storm in 1940 ar age 14.

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