Shereshevsky Family
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My grandfathers' attempt, to trace his brother, Kalman, after the war.

- Louisa Spivack


Abraham Shereshevsky and family ( Brother of the Rabbi of Kossovo). I enclose a photo of my father (on the right), his parents and two sisters taken during the first decade of the 20th Century in London.
- Louisa Spivack



The Szereszewski family of Slonim. Their brother was the Rabbi of
Kossovo, Manahkem Mendl Szereszewski ( 1846- 1928) picture #15)
Abraham Szereszewski was born in Slonim and travelled to Grochow
(Grojec) just outside Warsaw where he met and married my grandmother,
Esther. My father was born in Grojec and the family came to England
when he was one. I am enclosing a family photo taken in Poland. My
greatuncle, Zelig Szereszewski is second from the right (he emigrated
to Israel early in the 20th Century). His half-brother Zvi-Chaim
Bashist is the man with the grey beard.

- Louisa Spivack


Rabbi Menachem Mendel Sharshevsky

An 80-year-old rabbi from Poland. Manahkem Mendl Szereszewski, former Rabbi in Kosowa, Poland. May 1926.


Berl Shershevski and ?


Berl Shershevski, a partisan during the war.



Aron (Zelig) Volansky, born 1904 Kossovo, Belarus
died 1922 Port-Said, Egypt. Aron drowned on his way from Kossovo to Palestine. grandson of rabbi Shershevsky


Gershon (Gedalya) Volansky
born 1872 Kossovo, Belarus



On the way from Kossovo to Palestine (1922), the group stayed in
Vienna and visited Dr. Theodor Herzel's grave. Herzel Volansky sits
first to the right.


Menachem shershevsky is the young boy on the left. His mother Chiena is on the right. Next to him is his German Nannie. Picture taken c 1932.
Rabbi Menachem Mendel Sharshevsky was
born 1846 Slonim, Belarus
He passed away in 1929 in Jerusalem.
Rabbi Sharshevsky served as a Rabbi in Kossovo
for forty years.



Miryam Volansky (Molchadsky)
born 1907 Kossovo, Belarus
died 2001 Kfar Saba, Israel. She is a granddaughter of Rabbi shershevsky


Yad Vashem report for the youngest son of Rabbi Mendel; Aharon Shershevsky.



Yad Vashem report for the son in law of Rabbi Shershevsky. Rabbi Leikin replaced his father in law as the rabbi of Kossovo when rabbi Shershevsky left for Eretz Israel.


Shmuel Ben-Gershon (Volansky) grandson of Rabbi Shershevsky.
born 1900 Kossovo, Belarus
died 1969 Jerusalem.



Zalman Volansky born in 1902, killed in 1929. grandson of rabbi Shershevsky


Shifra and Zalman Wolansky. Zalman is a grandson of
rabbi Shershevsky.



Menachem and Zvi Shereshevsky perished in the holocaust


Yuri Dorn‎; Shereshevsky Shereshefsky Szeraszewski Schereschewsky Descendants 

October 3, 2017  · 

The picture was taken in 1930s in shtetl Eisheshkes of Vilna guberniya. First row on the left (the youngest child) is Osher Shereshevsky. He is a Holocaust survivor.


Grandpa Shears (Szereszewski)'s Notes

I ( Abraham) was born on 16th April 1869 in the town of Slonim,
Governa of Grodno, Russia. Malcah was born in April 1875 in the
village of Dechnowo, District of Nowo-Minsk, Governa of Warsaw,
Russian Poland.

In 1885 I became a teacher of Hebrew in a village near my native town,
Slonim. I subsequently occupied the post of teacher in several other

In 1887 I arrived in Moscow. At the end of 1887, I was taken to
military service. I was released after three months service.

In 1892, owing to the wholesale persecution of the Jews, I was among
others expelled from Moscow.

In the same year I arrived in Poland. After great misery and
misfortunes, I at last found a resting place in the townlet of Karczow
near Warsaw. Having stayed there in the capacity of a teacher of
Russian over a year, I afterwards occupied the position of a teacher
in several other places. At last, in 1895, I opened my school for
Russian and Polish in Grochow (a village, rather a suburb of Warsaw).

For the first time I met Malcah who was intgroduced to me as a future
private pupil, and turned out to become my wife.

On the 13th January 1893, while in Karczow, my mother died.

My father died on 24th Nissan, 5652 ( April, 1892).

Our wedding took place on 23rd February 1896 in Grochow.

My father in law - Isor Kleinburg died on 9th Nissan 5657 (1897).

Isadore (Isor) was born in Grochow 12th January 1901.

My mother in law died 7th Nissan 5663( 1902).

Our daughter, Leah, was born on 27th Elul 5663 (1903). She died at
12.00 noon on 10th May 1904. Buried on May 12th at 3.45 p.m. Sign of
the grave - C - 3-26. Next tombstone Rebecca Feld.

We arrived in London from Warsaw on 28th February 1902.

Elizabeth was born on July 1st 1905.

Bath-Ammi was born at 11.30 July 30th 1907.

Sylvia was born on May 12th 1915


i came across your website today and realised by chance that that a photo of the shereshevsky family looks like it has
family members from my family I have attached both pictures and I hope you can see where i am going with this.
My family came from Grojec, my family now resides here in the UK. like the Shereshevsky's pictured. Tell me
are they your family the Shereshevskys?

I am refering to your webpage here

Please see attached pictures.. my foreshman family had at one time changed their name to sherman and then later
back to foreshman. confusing huh? Its a long shot but I wanted to check with you.

Kind regards
Richard Sherman

Shereshevsky, Grojec, Sherman, ForeshmanShereshevsky, Grojec, Sherman, ForeshmanShereshevsky, Grojec, Sherman, Foreshman

Children of Rabbi Menachem Sharshevski and his first wife; Miriam Sharshevski-Slonimski;

1. Kunie Mindel Malke Shershevski/y married
Gershon-Gedalia Valansky who was born in 1878.

They were the parents of ;
1. Shmuel Ben-Gershon (nee Volansky)
born 1900 Kossovo, Belarus
died 1969 Jerusalem; He was very involved with helping those who came
to Israel from the area of Kossovo before and after the Shoah.
2. Israel Shlomo Zalman Volansky
born 1902 Kossovo, Belarus
died 1929 Hebron
Zalman was the secretary (mazkir)
of the Yeshiva in Hebron. He was murdered
by the Arabs in the riots in 1929.
Zalman Volansky married Shifra (Epstien).
A short biography published in the book in memory of those murdered by
the Arabs in the riots of 1929. The book was published in Hebrew.
3. Aron (Zelig) Volansky
born 1904 Kossovo, Belarus, died 1922 Port-Said, Egypt
Aron drowned on his way from Kossovo to Palestine.
4. Herzl was born in Kossove c 1907
Death: September 2006 Jerusalem
5.. Miryam Volansky (married Mordechai Molchadsky)
born 1907 Kossovo, Belarus
died 2001 Kfar Saba, Israel
6. Michael Valanski;Widower of Esther Jakubobwitz
Father of Gershon Valanski and Malkiahu Valanski
7. Moshe Valanski
8. Ester, Wife of Shlomo Avrahami
Mother of Amnon Avrahami; Tamar Avrahami and Gadi Avrahami
Chaja Esther Sharshevski
Birth: 1869
Kossove, Belorussia
Death: April 22, 1960 (age 91)
She was the wife of Ya'akov Valansky. Their children:
1. Tsippe Henne Zukowski.Place of Burial: Mt Olive, Jerusalem har Hazeitim, Israel
Birth: 1898
Kosove, Belarus
Death: July 29, 1978 (80)
Jerusalem, Israel
Wife of Shalom Moshe Zukowski
Mother of Menucha Goldberg (Zukowski); Ahuva Pasi-Zukowski; Ya'akow Zukowski; Miriam Blum-Zukowski; Yaffa Kinnory (Zukowski); Bilha Klepper-Zukowski; Menachem Zukowski; Tova Schwarz-Zukowski and Shoshana Stern-Zukowski
2. Naftali Valansky; Husband of Zvia Salmon
Father of Sara Valanski and Oded Valanski
3. Selig Valansky Husband of Shoshana Cohen
Father of Jocheved Valanski; Alisa Valanski and Ya'akov Aviad (Valanski)
4. Feige Heller Death: Petach Tikva
Wife of Josef Heller
Mother of Shmuel Heller; Malka Heller; Rivka Heller; Miriam Heller; Ya'akov Heller; and Adina Heller
5. Sara Valansky passed away in 1950. Wife of Moshe Cohen Elevitsky
Mother of Yaakov Cohen Elevitsky; Hayim Cohen Elevitsky; Shlomo Cohen; Hana Cohen-Ilevitzky; Rachel Cohen Elevitsky; Miriam Cohen Elevitsky; Rivka Schlossberg Elevitsky; Menachem Cohen Elevitsky; Yosef Cohen Elevitsky and Shmuel Cohen-Ilevitzky
6. Miriam Valansky lived in Jerusalem. Wife of Shlomo Fried
Mother of Natan Fried; Malka Fried; Rivka Fried; Ya'akov Fried; Chayim Fried; and Liebe Fried
7. Sheine Valansky lived in the US no information
8. Kalman Valansky passed away as a child in 1916
Children of Rabbi Menachem Shershevsky and Bela Rivka Shereshevsky (second wife)
1. Samuel Zaidel Kalman Shere Shereshevski
Birth: August 25, 1892
Kossovo, Hrodna, Grodno, Hrodna Province, Belarus
Death: before 1958 (66)
Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
Husband of Sheyne Peshe (Bashe) nee Levitan (my husband great aunt) she died very young and he then married her sister; Prof. Eugenia Chiena Shere Levitan.
Chyena, daughter of Moshe Yosef, was a very smart and ambitious girl. She studied in Austria and then Germany, earning a PhD in psychology. Shmuel Zaidel Sherešhevski was a well-to-do owner of a textile factory. Chyena had two children: Muki ( Menachem) born in 1930 and Tsvi born in 1933. ( both perished in Auschwitz)According to information given by the only surviving member of the generation of Chyena and Nachum, Rachel Broide, the sister of Gita Levitan, (an in-law to the Levitan family who spent many evenings with the family):

The children of Chyena and Shmuel Zaidel Shershevski; Tzvi and Muki ( Menachem) were sneaked out of the ghetto and put by one of the priests into an orphanage for disadvantaged Lithuanian children. Once, the priest who was running the place had a visit from German officers. When the youngest child ( Tzvi, who was less then 10 years old) heard the officers speak German, he spoke back to them fluently, having had a German nanny and a good education. The Germans were very surprised by his fluency in the language, to find such well-educated kid in an orphanage! The priest was very worried that the officers would realize that the boys were Jewish, so they sent the two brothers back to the ghetto, where they perished in the Children's Action. During the infamous Children Action in the March of 1944, 1300 children and elderly were forcibly removed from their families in the Kovno ghetto and taken to be killed in Fort 9 and Auschwitz.
Menakhem Zeidel Shereshevski was born in Lithuania to Shmuel Zaidel and Chyena ( Uginia) nee Levitan. He was single. Prior to WWII he lived in Slobodka, Lithuania. During the war was in Kowna. Menakhem died in the Shoah at the age of 13 he was taken from the Kovno ghetto to Auschwitz. This information is based on a Page of Testimony submitted on 29/04/1980 by his mother Prof. Chyena Uginia Sherry shereshevski, Pombadita street 5/ 16 Tel Aviv
Shereshevski* Tzvi
Tzvi Shereshevski was born in Kovno, Lithuania to Shmuel Zaidel and Cheyena nee Levitan. He was single. Prior to WWII he lived in Kovno, Lithuania. During the war was in Kovno. Tzvi died in Auschwitz at the age of 10. This information is based on a Page of Testimony submitted on 29/04/1980 by his mother. Prof. Chyena Uginia Sherry shereshevski, Pombadita street 5/ 16 Tel Aviv

2. Abram Sherr (Shereshevsky)
Birth: 1892
Hrodna, Hrodzyenskaya Voblasts’, Belarus
Husband of Mina (Mena) Sherr Shereshevsky
Father of Joseph Sherr; Simon Sherr; Irving Sherr and Ruth Cohn.
3. Eshka Leikin (Shershevski)
Birth: circa 1897
Death: 1941 (43)
Kosvo Polski, Hrodna, Hrodzyenskaya Voblasts’, Belarus (Passed away Shortly before the Nazis invaded Belarus (soviet Union) in June of 1941)
Wife of Rabbi Meir Leikin, the rabbi of Kossovo. He perished in the Holocaust. Her nephew Shmuel ben Gershon (nee Volansky) gave reports to Yad vashem. See Yad Vashem report.
4. Aharon shershevsky was born in 1898 in Hrodna, Hrodzyenskaya Voblasts’, Belarus. He married Nechama.
Death: 1942 (murdered by the Nazis). See Yad Vashem report.
Immediate Family:

- James Rudin <jamesrudin@aol.com>

shalom and hag samayach!   my new book, "Pllar of Fire," will be published next summer by Texas tech university press….it is a 416 page biography of rabbi Stephen s. wise…one of the photos that i want to be part of the book was taken at the founding conference of the world Jewish congress in Switzerland in 1936…the photo in question includes rabbi wise, judge Julian Mack of Chicago and world Jewish congress leader Dr. nahum goldmann. the fourth person in the photo is a distinguished gentleman with a walrus mustache and garbed in a suit and tie with a vest…he is captioned simply as "shereshevsy of Poland." up to now, i have been unsuccessful in my attempt to find his first name. he appears to be between 65-75 in the 1936 photo. perhaps you or someone in your family can supply me with his first name…..many many thanks…….rabbi James rudin, senior interreligious adviser, the American Jewish committee…….