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In your blood Live! by Hinda nee Nechamchik, Tassman
The Minsk Ghetto
Not for a Medal of Valor
With Zorin in the Family Camp
A Motherly Poem
Grenades without Detonators
The Escape From the Ghetto
Childhood in the Ghetto
Report of Our Visit to Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Russia
Heinz Rosenberg
Eliezer Kaplan
Rita Kazhdan
The memoir of Albert Lapidus, whose father, Israel, was a partisan leader in Belarus during the War.
The Story of the Poet, Moshe Kulbak
Yevgenia Morozova
Oskar Anderson
Avraham Even Shoshan (1906- 1984)
Shmuel Plavnik
Manya Shochat (Mania Shohat)
Meir Axelrod and his brother Zelik
The MASKILEISON "Maskil le-Etan" Family

CHILDREN, Couriers in the Ghetto of Minsk By Jacob Greenstein

Mieczysław Weinberg
Ida nee Kaganovich
Minsk, Belarus marks ghetto's destruction 65 years on 10/21/2008
Holocaust Survivors Oral History Project
Shalom Zorin
The story of the Kaliko Norman family
Israel Belkind
Olga Belkind-Hankin
Tzemach Feldstein
Belkind Family
Echo of '41 in Minsk: Was the Heroine a Jew?
The story of the Kaliko Norman family