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#vp-22: Izchak Rogovin - "Melamed" and a teacher in vishnive
#vp-24: Iyzik Rogovin - his son . Was among the first 39 Kdoshim that were perished in Vishnive 1942.
#vp-27: Shlomo Elishkevich - a Partizan , survived the Holocost . came to Israel in 1946
#vp-30:Isser Yehuda Unterman (1886 - 1976)
#vp-31:Uladislav Chernjavsky, who lived all his life on the territory of the former USSR, translated the Bible into modern Byelorussian. Having had good theological education, priest since 1944, from 1953 to his very death in December 2001 he held the ministry at St Mary Catholic Cathedral in Vishnevo village, Minsk region. That Cathedral, together with his house, used to be among the spots where Byelorussian culture and spirit were kept. During the years of stagnation, Byelorussian intelligentsia used to come there either to get his blessing, or just to listen to the service


Moshe Wolfovitz

Born in 1929 in Vishnevo as the oldest son of Sima and Avraham-
In 1941 was able to escape with his mother and brother; Yona to the
Soviet Union. The father served in the Red Army. The family united
after the war and settled in Israel. He and his wife Rivka had 3
children and 6 grandchildren. Moshe, who was a guide in Israel, passed
away in 2006.
For a Hebrew site for him ( by his daughter; Drora Usia) go to


Avigdor Leibmann (doctor in Vishnevo) and his wife Chaya
Riva Leibmann ( submitted by Yuri Kissin)


Progeny of Leibmanns.
Left to right: Harry Abrahams - grandson (son of his daughter Dvora)
and his young wife Fanny; Abraham Leib Shalkovitz (son, thus his
penname Ben Avigdor), Rebecca and Solomon Goldman (son) and young
Nahum Goldman (grandson of Avigdor and son of Solomon Goldman). (submitted by Yuri Kissin)


Harry Abrahams, with his cousin, Nahum
Goldman.( submitted by Yuri Kissin)



Dvora Leibmann, one of three daughters of Avigdor. She was
was a woman of a horrible fate. Her husband, Abram Pelovsky, died when
she was pregnant. She remarried but died three years later. Her son,
a complete orphan, moved to England when he was ~21, changed his name
from Herschel Pelovsky to Harry Abrahams, married there, had three
children, and now a large family of his descendents lives there. (submitted by Yuri Kissin)


Moshe Meltzer, the great grandfather of Shimon Peres from his mother's side.