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Gallery of portraits by Prof. Jesmanowicz

Professor Leon Jesmanowicz was born in 1914 in Druja in the Vilnius region. In the years 1933-1937 he studied in faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the Stefan Batory University in Vilnius. For the first two years he studied drawing in the Faculty of Fine Arts in parallel to mathematics. Until the outbreak of world war II he worked as a junior assistant in the Department of Mathematics under the direction of Professor Antoni Zygmund. During the German occupation he conducted clandestine study groups.
In 1945 he left Vilnius as a repatriate and took up a post in the Department of Mathematics at Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin.
In 1946 he settled permanently in Torun where he was associated with the Nicolaus Copernicus University until his death in 1989. For many years he held responsible positions of authority in the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry including vice-dean and dean. He also preformed many social duties. He was the long-standing chairman of the Torun branch of the Polish Mathematical Society and member of the board.
Professor Leon Jesmanowicz had many varied interests. He knew about and had deep feeling for literature, history and theatre. His activity in the field of mathematics had however, from the earliest years, been accompanied by a passion for creating caricatures. In his drawings he represented hundreds of people and groups with whom he had contact in the course of over 50 years. He gained enormous popularity with this activity - even among his models, since he did not accomplish the austere powers of caricaturist through maliciousness but with the most precise observation. .....
for the rest go to; http://www.mat.uni.torun.pl/en/caricatures.html