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The Druja Yizkor book table of contents

Introduction                                                                                                               7

The Community of Druja Before the War:
From the Chronology of the Druja Community  - M. Neishtat                                  11
My Teachers and the Heders (one room schools) - Ester Lubowicz                      17
On top of the roof of the great synagogue- Alter Druyanow                                                 25
Druja ( Yiddish) - Tila Druyanow                                                                              35
At home and in foreign lands - Chana Bejlin Suchozevsky                                        40
My Shtetl - Yerachmiel Romik                                                                                   42
Memories of Childhood and Teenage Days - Batya Eidelman Cohen                       45
The Shtetl and its Jews - Bracha Vitman                                                                    50
Chalutzim (Zionist pioneers) from Druja - Chaim Deutch                                        55
The School and Library - Chaia and Leib Liphsitz                                                     57
Substance and Soul in the Jewish Stetl - Shalom Kopetsh                                         59
The Notebook " - Drujer Falksshul"                                                                          66
A Man of Druja - Safra and Saifa                                                                               70

The Community of Miory Before the War:
From The Essence of the Shtetl - Eliyahu Nachmani                                                   74
My fathers' home in Miory - Lyuba Yudin                                                               76
The Unison of the Community of Miory - Yocheved Nazchan Svirsky                   79
My Shtetl During Those Days - Yizhak Aron                                                           82

The Community of Druyesk Before the War:
Chapters of Druysk - Yosef Sosnovik                                                                       85
Our school "Chorev" - Tuvia Berkman                                                                      88
Days of Tranquility Before the Siege - Reuven Budownicz                                      89

Chapters from the Shoah: Survivors (and one who did not) share their stories
The Last Will and Testament of Fania Barbakow (1923- 1942)                                95
A Diary of the Slaughter - Yizhak Aron                                                                     101
In the Ghetto - Fruma Einhorn                                                                                   117
The Annihilation of Leonpol - Ida Felskin Sher                                                         125
A survivor from the pit - Menachem Sheyner 127
The Excruciating Tortures of a Mother Who Lost Her Child - Fania Melishkevitz 129
In the Ghetto and In the Forest - Ychezkel Berkman                                                 134
A Jewish Child Fighting for Survival - Zusman Berkman                                          138
How I Survived - Baruch Bornstein                                                                           146
A Story of a Teenage Partisan - Arie Waif                                                                 149
Personal Chapters from the Book of the Shoah - Lyuba Yudin                            180
Trials and Tribulations... - Liba Levitanos-Zaidlin (nee Papkin)                               201
I Was a Mother of Six Children in 1942...- Shoshana Milevski                                 213
The Horrors and the Eradication of the Jews of Druysk - Reuven Budownicz         215
Jewish Partisans in the Area of Miori - Gita Aron Simkin                                        217
Stories from the Shoah - Ytzhak Aron                                                                       224
The Power of Kol Nidray - Y. Ben Moshe                                                                232
Memorial For the Perished Martyrs -  Bracha Vitman                                              234
List of the Martyrs                                                                                                     236