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My mother's name was Zeldin (became to Seldin in US).  Her Father's Father was Hirschl Seldin. His father was Daniel Zeldin.  Daniel's other children are Nakhum, Hinda, and Schmeryl.  Daniel's brother was Reuben ( who was married to Esther) and had a son Mendl (married to Basia Zeldin).  Mendl and Basia's children are Harry, Nakhum, Esther, Reuben and Daniel (as you indicated).  I was over Harry's house, visited with Reuben many times, saw esther at famly affairs, and know Esther's children (in their 70's now).There are about 600 members of this family now.
I  should also tell you that I attended the Glubokie Society meetings in lower Manhattan in the 1950's with my grandfather--about 50 people.  As you probably know, these were all people in the NY City area who came from Glubokie.  I wish i had their names now.  Gone forever....

Glubokie.    Y. Radzili, 30 Yehudit, Tel Aviv 67016.
Glubokle.    A. Rubin, 25 Reines, Givatayim.

The various day-by-day accounts of Napoleon's march into and retreat
from Russia in 1812 are filled with references to the towns and villages
where Jews lived in Poland and the Pale of Settlement. On the way to
Moscow the emperor stayed in KOVNO, VILNA, GLUBOKOYE and VITEBSK. His path back to France went through LIADY, TOLOTCHINE, BOBER,
village named MISEROWO by the French nobles, MOLODETCHNO, SMORGONI,
OSCHMIANA, VILNA, KOVNO, PULTUSK, WARSAW and KUTNO. So seek out books of Napoleon's Campaign to find descriptions of the
towns and villages listed above..---------------.
| Bernard Kouchel


Glubokoye, Belarus/Lithuania -->NYC

Comments: To: soc-genealogy-jewish@uunet.uu.net Looking for information on any of the following families:Yaakov Meir GERMANSKY m. Michla CHAIN, Glubokoye, mid-19th century* Their son, Hyman (Chaim) GERMANSKY m. Sarah CHEDEKEL. Hyman and Sarah
immigrated to New York City in 1890. Children:* Max GERMAIN m. Annie
* David GERMAIN m. Lilly, moved to Chicago
* Harry GERMAIN m. Jenny MIGATZ
Ellen Germain
New York City
ellen@columbia.edu Researching:GOTFRIED, ZIMBALIST, PORETSKY, BRAMSON, MILLER - Radzilow and Stawiski
in Lomza guberniya, Poland/Russia
GERMANSKY, CHEDEKEL - Glubokoye (maybe)
STRIJEWSKY - Ryzhishchev, outside Kiev
KARP - from around Kiev

I'm searching for the following people:MARKMANN, Abram
b. 10/01/1886
GLUBOKIE (Glubokoye), Belarus
son of Loib and RivkaSTEINBERG, Sophie
b. 12/15/1886
daughter of Moishe Steinberg and Sarah WeinsteinAST, Sholem
b. 1859
son of Shmuel Ast and Beatrice CohenSTEINGRUP, Rebecca
b. 01/05/1860
daughter of Heine Steingrup and Tova WichelROTH, Chaim
b. 12/28/1874
LESKO (Lisko) Austria/PolandBARENKRANTZ, Mindl
b. 3/1878
SANOK (Sanuk, Sonik) Austria/Poland
daughter of Mordechai BarenkrantzAny information on people or places would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!forbin@interport.net
Allen Markman
In the Encyclopaedia judaica I find this about Samuel MOHILEWER. Perhaps you can do somthink with this. I dont know if it is the same man but how know?. I dont take over all the articel it is to much for the Jdg.Ury Link
HollandMOHILEWER, Samuel (1824-1898), rabbi, early member of Hovevei Zion in
Russia, and a founder of religious Zionism. Born in Glebokie (now
Glubokoye), Vilna district, the son of a rabbinical family. He was
ordained a rabbi (1842), became rabbi in Glebokie in 1848, in Szaki from 1854, in Suwalki 1860 and in Radom from 1868. Active in community
affairs in each place especially during the Polish rebellion (1863).
In 1873 he participated in the St. Petersburg gathering of rabbis. He was attracted to the idea of settling Erez Israel even before the 1881 pogroms, but after they took place he went to Brody and Lvov to encourage refugees who fled Russia and to influence ... the stream of migration to Erez Israel

I recently undertook a 'mass mailing' to 38 people in the U.S. whose names
I found in Internet phone directories with the name KUNKIS/KUNKES or
alternative spellings. This is my maiden name, and quite unusual. From
responses I received from 8 people, it appears so far that there are 3 family
groups (unknown yet if we are related), all Jewish, and from the area within
100-150 miles surrounding Minsk. International telephone directory research
shows about 25 listings in Germany, also. I contacted one of them by e-mail,
and from what he told me I don't believe he is Jewish (he did not say he was
when I mentioned that I am), but his father was from Riga, Latvia (same general
area, within a few hundred miles).
My grandfather came from Globukoye, Belarus, arriving in the U.S. in
1912. My question is this:
Does anyone have any idea of the origin of this name? Its derivation?
What it means? The best I can do so far is trace people back to the area
around Minsk guberniya and/or Latvia.
Thanks for any help you can offer!Carol Kunkis Cohn
Newport Beach, CASearching: KUNKIS - Glubokoye, Belarus
KOSSOI/KOSSOY/KOSOFF - Vyetka, Gomel Belarus
PEVZOV (?) - Vyetka, Belarus
SCHRIER - Yarmolinitz, Ukraine

from the net;

Leibin Chidekel. He married Leba ?.

Children of Leibin Chidekel and Leba ? are:
i +Abraham " Mendel" Chidekel , b. 11 September 1888, Scharkowstunna , Vilna , Lithuania.
Abraham " Mendel" Chidekel (b. 11 September 1888)Abraham " Mendel" Chidekel (son of Leibin Chidekel and Leba ?) was born 11 September 1888 in Scharkowstunna , Vilna , Lithuania. He married Sara Sonia Unterschlak on 17 September 1910, daughter of Elijohu - Meiske Unterschlak and Genia Seifer.

Emigration: Ellis Island : Frederick V111.
Information: Supplied by Lief Rosenstock leif.rosenstock@mail.tele.dk.
Occupation: Tailor.

More About Abraham " Mendel" Chidekel and Sara Sonia Unterschlak :
Marriage: 17 September 1910

Children of Abraham " Mendel" Chidekel and Sara Sonia Unterschlak are:
i Rebekka Chidekel, b. 09 October 1910. Cause of Death (Facts Pg): Congenital Heart Failure
ii Elias Moses Chidekel, b. 17 March 1914.
iii Bertha " Beile" Chidekel , b. 18 October 1918.
iv +Simon Chidekel, b. date unknown
Children of Simon Chidekel are: Per Chidekel, b. date unknown, d. 2001
+Schwabe .
 Jude Chidekel, b. date unknown, d. 18 February 1953, Copenhagen, Denmark. He married Sprintze Children of Schwabe Jude Chidekel and Sprintze are:
i Nathan Chidekel, b. Abt. 1922.
Bashe Frieda "Bushi" Chidekel , b. date unknown.
Dr. Aaron Chidekel AI DuPont Children's Hospital

Martin Chidekel

Owner, Soundvenue A/S

• Owner at Soundvenue A/S

Rune Chidekel


Writer ";Banjos lik¸rstue" (2001) TV Series (unknown episodes)
... aka Simon Jul - Slik mig hvid! (Denmark: video compilation title)
Executive Director & Partner
at Limestone Aps
Executive Director & Partner at Soundvenue Magazine
Marc Chidekel
19 years

-- ----------------------

U.S. World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942

Name:Samuel Harry Chedekel
Birth Date:3 Mar 1893
Residence:Middlesex, Massachusetts
Birth:State of Vilna, Russia

: Middlesex, Massachusetts

Name:Barnett Chedekel
Home in 1930:New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut
Estimated birth year:abt 1872
Relation to Head of House:Head
Spouse's name:Yetta

Household Members:
Barnett Chedekel58
Yetta Chedekel43
Rose Chedekel19
Celia Chedekel18
Sam Chedekel17
Sarah Chedekel15
Louis Chedekel13
Anne Chedekel10
Abraham Chedekel
Name:Mendel Chedekel
Home in 1930:Bronx, Bronx, New York
Estimated birth year:abt 1865
Relation to Head of House:Head
Spouse's name:Gitel

Household Members:
Mendel Chedekel65
Gitel Chedekel60
Olga Chedekel26
Henry Chedekel24
Harold Chedekel21
Name:Arthur L Chedekel
Social Security #:022145509
Birth Date:20 Jul 1922
Death Date:2 Nov 1993
Death Place:Santa Clara
Mother's Maiden Name:Zubik
Name:Betsy S Chedekel
Birth Date:6 Feb 1957
Mother's Maiden Name:Block
Birth County:Santa Clara
Name:Benjamin Chedekel
Home in 1930:Bronx, Bronx, New York
Estimated birth year:abt 1889
Relation to Head of House:Head
Spouse's name:Mollie

Household Members:
Benjamin Chedekel41
Mollie Chedekel31
Jack Chedekel2 6/12
Helen Chedekel9/12

 Massachusetts Death Index, 1970-2003
Birth, Marriage, & Death

Name: Samuel H Chedekel
Death: 7 Dec 1972 - Lawrence

 Minnesota Birth Index, 1935-2002
Birth, Marriage, & Death
Name: Sumi Nicole Chedekel
Father: Miles Robert Chedekel
Birth: 21 Apr 1973 - Hennepin

 England & Wales, FreeBMD Marriage Index: 1837-1983
Birth, Marriage, & Death

Name: Jane Chedekel
Marriage: Jun 1906 - Prestwich, Lancashire

 New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957
View Image

Name: Arthur Chedekel
Birth: abt 1920
Departure: Hamilton, Bermuda
Arrival: 8 Jul 1945 - New York, New York

 New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957
View Image

Name: Mendel Chedekel
Birth: abt 1871
Departure: Glasgow, Scotland
Arrival: 18 Mar 1907 - New York, New York

 New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957
View Image

Name: Seymour Chedekel
Departure: Haifa, Israel
Arrival: 3 Feb 1954 - New York, New York

 New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957

Name:Slowo Chedekel
Arrival Date:26 Feb 1899
Estimated birth year:abt 1883
Port of Departure:Hamburg
Ethnicity/Race /Nationality:Russian
Ship Name:Phoenicia
Port of Arrival:New York, New York
Microfilm Serial:15
Microfilm Roll:T715_48
Page Number:185

Name: Slowo Chedekel
Birth: abt 1883
Departure: Hamburg
Arrival: 26 Feb 1899 - New York, New York

 New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957

Name: Sore Chedekel
Arrival: 19 Sep 1913 - New York, New York

 New York Petitions for Naturalization

Name: Max Chedekel
Civil: 18 Jun 1928
Origin: Russian, Russia

 New York Petitions for Naturalization
Name: Max Chedekel
Civil: 18 Jun 1928
Origin: Russian, Russia
Save This Record
Name:Lena Chedekel
Home in 1930:Brooklyn, Kings, New York
Estimated birth year:abt 1868
Relation to Head of House:Head

on page
Household Members:
Lena Chedekel62
Sol Chedekel32

Nevada Marriage Index, 1956-2005
Birth, Marriage, & Death



Name:Sumi Nicole Chedekel
Spouse:Charles Zachary Howard
Marriage Date:4 Sep 2004
Marriage County:Clark
Officiant type:Religious celebrant
Recorded Date:8 Sep 2004
Recorded county:Clark
Instrument number:4462
See more
Name: Sumi Nicole Chedekel
Spouse: Charles Zachary Howard
Marriage: 4 Sep 2004 - Clark

 California Marriage Index, 1960-1985
Birth, Marriage, & Death
View Image

Name: Ann C Chedekel
Spouse: Monty L Peters
Birth: abt 1952
Birth: abt 1951
More: See all information...

 California Marriage Index, 1960-1985
Birth, Marriage, & Death
View Image

Name: Betsy S Chedekel
Spouse: Daniel J Gallagher
Birth: abt 1957
Birth: abt 1954
More: See all information...

 California Marriage Index, 1960-1985
Birth, Marriage, & Death
View Image

Name: Miles R Chedekel
Spouse: Esther E Davis
Birth: abt 1948
Birth: abt 1948
More: See all information...

 Social Security Death Index
Birth, Marriage, & Death

Name: Arthur L. Chedekel
Birth: 20 Jul 1922
Death: 2 Nov 1993 - Palo Alto, San Mateo, California, United States of America
Civil: Massachusetts

 Social Security Death Index
Birth, Marriage, & Death

Name: Benjamin Chedekel
Birth: 10 May 1888
Death: Jun 1969 - Bronx, Bronx, New York, United States of America
Civil: New York

 Social Security Death Index
Birth, Marriage, & Death

Name: E. A. Chedekel
Birth: 5 May 1934
Death: 15 Mar 1994
Civil: Massachusetts

 Social Security Death Index
Birth, Marriage, & Death

Name: Ethel Chedekel
Birth: 30 Oct 1922
Death: 16 Dec 1991
Civil: Massachusetts

 Social Security Death Index
Birth, Marriage, &
Name:Bines Chedekel
Birth Date:10 May 1888
Residence:Bx, New York
Roll:WWII_2372832 Death

Name: Frieda Chedekel
Birth: 28 Jul 1907
Death: May 1982 - Centereach, Suffolk, New York, United States of America
Name: Frieda Chedekel
Birth: 20 Jul 1907
Death: May 1982 - Centereach, Suffolk, New York, United States of America
Civil: New York

 Social Security Death Index
Birth, Marriage, & Death

Name: Gertrude Chedekel
Birth: 11 Apr 1913
Death: Jul 1982 - Brookline, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States of America
Civil: Massachusetts

 Social Security Death Index
Birth, Marriage, & Death

Name: Louis Chedekel
Birth: 4 Aug 1903
Death: 23 Mar 2001 - Roslindale, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
of America
Civil: Massachusetts

 Social Security Death Index
Birth, Marriage, & Death

Name: Max Chedekel
Birth: 15 May 1898
Death: Apr 1957
Civil: New York

 Social Security Death Index
Birth, Marriage, & Death

Name: Mollie K. Chedekel
Birth: 15 May 1896
Death: 6 Dec 1989 - Bronx, Bronx, New York, United States of America
Civil: New York

 Social Security Death Index
Birth, Marriage, & Death

Name: Morris A. Chedekel
Birth: 13 Feb 1939
Death: 9 Jan 2004 - Delray Beach, Palm Beach, Florida, United States of America
Civil: New York

 Social Security Death Index
Birth, Marriage, & Death

Name: Paul Chedekel
Birth: 19 Oct 1926
Death: 5 Oct 2005 - West Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Civil: Massachusetts

 Social Security Death Index
Birth, Marriage, & Death

Name: Rebecca Chedekel
Birth: 1 Feb 1900
Death: Jul 1973 - Andover, Essex, Massachusetts, United States of America
Civil: Massachusetts

 Social Security Death Index
Birth, Marriage, & Death

Name: Rosalie Chedekel
Birth: 16 Jul 1902
Death: Jul 1981 - Sharon, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States of America
Civil: Massachusetts

 Social Security Death Index
Birth, Marriage, & Death

Name: Samuel Chedekel
Birth: 3 Mar 1893
Death: Dec 1972 - Andover, Essex, Massachusetts, United States of America
Civil: Massachusetts
Name: Seymour Chedekel
Birth: 11 Feb 1934
Death: Nov 1981 - (U.S. Consulate) Tel Aviv, Israel
Civil: New York
Other: Asia

 Social Security Death Index
Birth, Marriage, & Death

Name: Zalman Chedekel
Birth: 7 May 1897
Death: Apr 1966 - Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States of America
Civil: New York

7 10/12

Nevada Marriage Index, 1956-2005
about Leonid Khidekel
Name:Leonid Khidekel
Residence State:California
Spouse:Nadezda Levshova
Spouse residence state:California
Marriage Date:25 Feb 2005
Marriage County:Washoe
Recorded Date:28 Feb 2005
Recorded city:Reno

the same guy;
Name:Leonid Khidekel
Address:34077 Paseo Padre Pky
Zip Code:94555
Phone Number:510-792-9810
Residence Years:1993 1994


Name: Irina Khidekel
Birth: 13 Sep 1923
Death: 15 Dec 2000 - Far Rockaway, Queens, New York, United States of America
same woman; Name:Irina Khidekel
Address:711 Seagirt Ave A
City:Far Rockaway
State:New York
Zip Code:11691-5627
Phone Number:718-327-7178
Residence Years:1998 1999 2000 2001 2002
Name: Michael Khidekel
Birth: 15 Jan 1947
Death: 18 Nov 1993
the same guy; Name:Minay Khidekel
Birth Date:15 Jan 1947
Birth Country:Not the U.SRemainder of World


Death Date:18 Nov 1993
Death Time:2:20 PM
Hospital of Death:Public/Other
City of Death:Bexley
County of Death:Franklin
Age at Death:46
Hospital Status:Other/Other


Eilat Gordin Levitan

I want to compliment you on your attractive and very informative website. I am particularly interested in postcard 11, "the four Ceitel sisters and a cousin". They are my grandmother Rebecca's four younger sisters, Zelda (Zhenia), Miriam (Mania), Braine (Berta) and little Chana (Ania). When this picture was taken in 1913, my grandmother had already immigrated to the United States with her husband and youngest son, my father. She never again had contact with her sisters who remained in Poland (Russia), but after the fall of Soviet Russia, her descendents renewed contact with her sisters' descendents. I sent copies of the pictures to Vava, Miriam's son, who now lives in New Jersey, to Leah, Chana's daughter, who now lives in Israel and to Max Gutkin, the cousin's nephew,who has lived in Israel since the establishment of the State. Since none of my relatives know the source of this picture, I wonder if you could provide some information as to how this picture got on your website. Looking forward to hearing from you - Janice Kaufman (I was born in New York but made aliya in 1970 with my husband and four sons)

I have been reading the story about Kaziany. My Father (born in 1928,
the son of Shlomo Hochman and his wife from the Pukin family of
Glubokie) and his family was from that shetel Kaziany and were with
the partisans in the forests (the father survived with parents, 2
brothers and one sister. In 1946 the family came to America ( the
mother had sisters in the U.S and they helped in order to include them
on the first ship which took survivors to America)
Do you have any knowledge of Lansdsliet Association ?

It's great that the stories are on online.


Barry Gochman (Hochman)

 Susan Weinberg <susanweinberg@comca
I am planning on visiting Belarus for a one day visit to Dunilowitz and
Glebokie in August and am interested in anyone else's experience in visiting
these towns. Has anyone worked through the Jewish Heritage Research Group
in Belarus? (Please respond privately to me on this question)

My great-grandparents, Schloime and Malka Raichel (later changed to
Rothchild) and all of their grandchildren came from Dunilowitz. My
great-grandfather's parents were Pinchus Mordechai Raichel and Malka
Liebowitz. My great-grandmother was born in Glebokie to Pinches Scher and
Chaja Gitl Gold. I would be interested in any potential linkages as an
additional line of inquiry. I will be in Vilnius for a month prior at the
Vilnius Yiddish Institute and hope to do some research in their archives as

Susan Weinberg
Edina, Minnesota



I will be in Vilnius, Lithuania for a month for the Vilnius Yiddish
Institute and hope to get a chance to go to the archives and do some
research. The two towns that I am researching, Dunilovichi and Glebokie,
both have census data that is held at the Vilnius Archives. I am interested
in whether anyone has done research at the Archives. I've contacted a few
researchers, but am thinking about doing some of my own research if the
archives are accessible. I can work my way through Cyrillic Russian, albeit
slowly. If anyone has been there, I'm interested in whether you had earlier
communications with the archives prior to your visit, if you have an e-mail
address that works for the archives(I have one that apparently doesn't)and
if they let you photocopy records or at least take a photograph. Also any
costs that are assessed if you are there in person doing your own research.
Alternatively is there a researcher that you recommend who will work with
you while you are there?

Susan Weinberg

BELARUS: RAICHEL from Dunilovichi, LEIBOWITZ, SHER and GOLD from Glebokie
UKRAINE: KISHLANSKY and SHEICHER from Kamentz-Poldolsk

S. Lancashire (slancashire@comcast.net) on Wednesday, May 06, 2009 at 12:35:30

Subject: remaining 256 records of the Glubokoye Society of New York

Is there any way to post the remaining 256 records from the "Glubokoye
Society of New York" link? The current list is truncated after 200

We are most interested in the "K"'s - i.e.KLIOT.

Thanks so much. Your site has been most helpful in our family searches.

S. Lancashire

This year the Disna District Research Group has funded the translation of
the Disna District Additional Revision List 1851-1856 and the 1857 District
Farmers List. As well work has begun on the 1834 Revision list and data
for the three towns of Glubokoye, Golubichi and Germanovichi has been
received. Together this represents 3,300 lines of new data which is not
yet on the All Lithuania Database (ALD).

Translation work is now underway for the following towns.

Leonpol (Disna)1834 RL
Luzhki (Disna) 1834 RL

With the translation of the above two lists, the district will be out of
funds and work will come to a complete halt.

The following towns in the Disna District 1834 RL are waiting to be
translated. The only holdup is a lack of funds.

Disna around 1800 lines,
Druya around 1900 lines,
Plissa around 550 lines,
Postavy around 550 lines
Sharkovshchizna around 500 lines.

The translation cost is $0.55 per line. If you can raise the necessary
funds to have any of the above towns translated, those towns will be next
in line to be translated. Please let us know if you are willing to
contribute to a particular town or are willing to try and raise the
necessary funds.

If you are already a contributor to the work of Disna District, please
consider making another contribution. Would you like to become a
contributor and receive copies of all records as they are translated
in spreadsheet format ? - please make a contribution of $100 at

No donation is too small but $100 is requried to become a qualified

Dorothy Leivers
Co-ordinator of the District Research Groups of LitvakSIG

Hi There ,

I am a musician, historian and artistic curator. I have been compiling information about Jewish mandolin orchestras that were active in prewar Europe. I am also part of a very interesting musical project called the Ger Mandolin Orchestra that memorializes this phenomenon. You can read about the project here: http://www.tocentre.com/georgeweston/GerMandolinOrchestra 

I came across your page about the town of Glubokie and saw the photo of the mandolin orchestra, presumably from the yizkor book...? Is it possible to get a higher resolution scan of this picture, and can you tell me any information that may have been written along with the source for this picture, about the mandolin orchestra itself? 


Eric Stein
Artistic/Executive Director
Ashkenaz Foundation
455 Spadina Ave, Suite 303
Toronto, ON  M5S 2G8

I read a paragraph on the Glubokoye Archives web page (eilatgordinlevitan.com) about the Zeldin (Seldin in USA) family and want very much to communicate with you.  I am Joan Seldin Rosenthal whose grandfather was Mendl (Max) Seldin, married to Basia (Bertha).  My father was Nakhum (Nathaniel).  I still am in contact with Esther's children (who are now in their 80's) and other Seldin relatives.

I don't know what year this notice was written but I hope to connect with you. Since you mentioned Esther's children are in their 70's I assume this was written about 10 years ago.
Joan Seldin Rosenthal

By way of introduction I am an amateur historian who enjoys collecting, keeping, and sharing the memories and stories of World War Two.  The purpose of my email is to first thank you so very much for creating a web page to remember the victims of a horrible war and also the heroes of the town (partisans).  Secondly, I have an inquiry you may or may not be interested to talk about.  I recently acquired two items from an SS Polizei Officer who was station and buried in Glubokoje.  One item is very, very rare and I would like to learn more about it to eventually donate to a history museum for viewing.  It is a Camp Sign, that was once hung somewhere in Glubokoje.  "Actung" with the red electric bolt and a warning skull and crossbones behind the electric bolt.  It could have been used in one of the warehouse rooms that your photos show.  Or it could have been in the Ghetto before it was "emptied"  The other item is a letter, from the officer to his family sent about two weeks before he was killed by the partisans.  In the letter he mentions partisan attacks, etc.  He died about April 26th, 1944, I am assuming during operation fruhlingsfesf which took place from 04-17 to 05-12-1944.  Do you have any additional pictures showing any painted warning signs in Globokoye?  Or pictures with German SS Polizei in them?  As i mentioned I am a young collector with many years to still collect and research.  My goal is to open my own WW2 history museum one day to share the stories so younger generations will remember those who gave their lives in the worst war in history.  Too many are not aware of these stories, and it should be something that stays with us for generations to come if we want to prevent anything like WW2 from happening again.  I truly appreciate your time and assistance.  Please feel free to ask any questions as I am more than happy to answer!  

PS - When I open my museum in the decade or two to come - there will be a section with the entire history of Glubokoye displayed including the family's history, and their stories.  Similar to your website :)

Best regards,

Tristan Franklin
Washington State, USA

My father was born in Globokie
Samuel Rapoport
Where can we get information .
Ayala.gonen a.....gonen@gmail.com