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Testimony of Rachmil Abezbam. Written in Yiddish.
Rachmil Abezbam was born in Glebockie (Glubokie) in 1931, the son of
Zion and Gita (nee Etingas).

In 1939, the town was occupied by the Soviets and the family was
deported to Siberia. Rachmil's brother was conscrpted into the Soviet
Red Army and fell on May 27, 1943 in the defense of Leningrad (now St.
Rachmil's father, who had remained in the territory under German
control, died. Rachmil's mother died in Siberia in March 1944.

After the war, Rachmil and his sister went into an orphanage, and in
June 1946 they traveled to Poland, joined a "children's kibbutz," and
went with it to the Rosenheim DP camp in Germany.