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The Modest Genius - Reb Aisel Harif [Hardcover]

YEHOSHUA ISAAC SHAPIRA, also known as Aisel Harif

Reb Aisel Harif was a man of the people. He was not interested in creating rabbinic dogma or hardships for those in Slonim, where he served with such distinction. And he especialy resented what he felt was the unnecessary strictness of the
Rav Eisel Harif was born in Glubokie in 1803 to a Hassidic family. As he grew up he became a mitnaged. Was a teacher in Minsk Av beit Din in Kalavaria, Kotna and Tikatin.
At the age of 50 he became the head of the Slonim Mitnagdim.
am helping a friend ruth cohen who is looking for more information on
Rabbi Aisel Harif of poland. the rabbi is a great great grandfather. Ruth is
looking for more family members from the rabbi, and more information about
thanks from jerusalem

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