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The Story of Paul Sack as told by his daughter, Libby Lieber


My father was born in Glubokie, Poland near the city of Vilna. After the Germans forced the Jewish community into a Ghetto, he worked in the kitchen of the Gebitscomisar, under an SS Officer named Goldberg. On March 22, 1943, Goldberg secretly told him that the Germans were planning to annihilate the Jewish Ghetto the next day. Goldberg said that he would take three members of his family to the edge of the forest and leave them there. Not knowing whether to believe this rumered threat or trust Goldberg, the family decided that they needed to go somewhere else, anywhere else. My father was to take his mother and sister Zelda. His father and older brother and sister were to follow. He never saw them again.
Goldberg kept his promise. My father, his mother and sister, were left to wander in the forest for days until they found another Jewish family hiding in a cave. After a few weeks, my father found the location of the Partisans in the Neveer Forests and decided to join them. He did not realize that the Jewish boys were usualy sent on the most dangerous missions where so many never returned from.
He was a trusted Partisan, participating in many raids until the Germans retreated. His group received supplies parachuted in by the Russians. At one point, his battalion captured 36 German SS soldiers. These Germans had killed 12 of the bravest Partisans including the commander. His best friend and fellow Partisan Luska Pintov, who was the only surviving member of his family, was also killed. The Partisan group made sure that these German soldiers would not threatened others.
As you would expect, the unspeakable experiences which transformed my father from a typical teenager to a hardened Partisan still haunt him.