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In Those Days by Herzl Ben-Yehuda
In Those Days
by Herzl Ben-Yehuda
Translated by Rabbi Ezra Boyarsky
In June 1941 the Germans suddenly attacked Lithuania. The Russians then withdrew from their border positions, accompanied by Lithuanian partisan heavy shelling. In addition, the Lithuanian Fascist populace fired on the retreating Red Army and the escaping Jews from rooftops, churches, etc.

We immediately realized the danger we were in , but it became more real upon hearing Hitler spew his poison-saturated diatribes: "Lithuanians, we are about to wind up the expulsion of the Russians from your homeland!" "We are liberating you and it is your duty to murder all the Jews, because Lithuania must become Judenrein!"

Upon hearing these bestial words, thousands upon thousands of Kovno Jews left their homes and set out in the direction of the Soviet Union. My wife, our infant son, and I joined the refugees. On my back I carried two heavy packs, and I held my son Shmuelik in my arms. My wife Chanele trudged along dragging a heavy suitcase.

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